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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Should you be my friend? 4

I started running down my fan list and noticed people that SHOULD be my friend (like the ones I'm always getting into conversations with), but I was too lazy to hit the 'friend pearl-thingy'.
So, sorry to you guys... I'm trying to update it my friends list.

What -really- got my attention is that Wil Wheaton is one of my fans! Wil, if you ever meet my brother, and he calls you 'the boy' like Warf did, just ignore him. ;-) Anyway, add in your two cents more, Wil!
And I know that privacy is important to a celebrity, so I won't give away your clever nick name. ;-)

So those of you with the 'clique/subculture slashdot philosophy', know that Mr. Wheaton is one of us...... <insert some funny startrek line, like being one of the borg, here>
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Should you be my friend?

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