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Journal FortKnox's Journal: This week [Updated] 2

This week has been a total pisser.

On support, and our hackiest developer is in charge of setting up major changes ACROSS THE ENTERPRISE on Sunday night. So, instead of dealing with regular support, I'm stuck spending all this week fixing her mistakes.

This week is 'united way' week. Various floors have various games and items for money which all goes to the united way. I see 'texas holdem tourney' and sign up (only $10). I play monday and win it, just by playing my cards well.

So I am in the finals today (at lunch). Almost finished cleaning up the mess from the previous weekend, when lunchtime rolls around. Get my old seat back cause it gave me good luck, and I start to play. Did poor up front, but slowly recovered. Ended up only 4 people left. I'm running low on cash, but I call to see the flop with a 8-J. Flop comes up with 7-9-10. 3 people in, first puts in like 30, I go all in, everyone matches. First girl... three of a kind. I show my straight to the jack, dude next to me has J-Q... a straight to the queen.

There's nothing I hate worse than losing to a n00b that hardly knows how to play (granted, he played the hand well, but ended up losing ALL his money on crap hands).

Blahblahblahblah. At least I got my $10 back (which is good, cause I need lunch and parking money) ;)

Update: What really pisses me off is I haven't been able to talk about football, and how I was right when I knew Willie Parker will be the future feature back of the Steelers either this year or the start of next year... but I just wasted my time on this JE, so I prolly won't be able to until Saturday, now, if at all... :(
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This week [Updated]

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