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Journal FortKnox's Journal: ScuttleMonkey == Michael? 7

Ugh, his latest story is baaad.

Otter said it best when he said he needs to drop the pompous lectures about "better business model." Seems like ScuttleMich^H^H^Honkey is an open source/free software guy who is trying to tell a proprietary company about how wrong it is what they are doing.

Of course, my thought was to correct his pointless whining... but those that follow must be wary... that way leads to bannination...

Update: Sorry, Keith... didn't mean to say the same thing as you.
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ScuttleMonkey == Michael?

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  • Plus i love a conspiracy ;)
    Does seem like him doesn't it ..
    If i had mod points i would have moded you up .. of course I never get mod points as i think I offended Zonk and Timothy once too often ;)
  • Have other people noticed that since the disappearance of a certain editor, the rate of comments suddenly plummeting from +5 to -1, Offtopic (usually in said editor's stories) has dropped to zero? I'd always half-thought I was being paranoid, but...

    Anyway, my two big objections here have always been 1) moderation and banning abuse by editors and 2) stories that are flat-out false. (Admittedly, the Bill Gates blurb comes perilously close to the latter.) The rest of the nonsense, dupes, idiocy I don't get as

  • by subgeek ( 263292 ) *
    the thing that irritates me about poser and daz is that they aren't really the same kinds of programs as 3ds max, maya, lightwave, xsi, etc. they're basically things that let you buy pre-made models and render them in the poses you want. that's not bad, i'm just tired of people trying to draw a link to the proliferation of hobbyist 3d packages (that even non-artists can get decent results using) and professional 3d packages soon meeting the end of profitability. they play to totally different markets wit
  • You can have the DAZ|Studio story, I'll take the billg interview, and we'll call it even. Howzat?

  • Spend my time looking down my nose at the people who watch Entertainment Tonight, or are up on the latest with Brad and Jennifer. Feel superior to the watchers of most prime time t.v.
    And then you post this and as soon as I see it in my messages I just can't click it fast enough. Where will I find my false sense of superiority now? Where?

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