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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sweet Sweet Justice... 10

There is an Ask the Interviewee article on slashdot.
You know, the ones I complain about because I ask a question, it gets a Score:5, then 5 article postings later gets modded down 'offtopic' and, since no moderator is reading the article anymore, my question doesn't get asked.

The irony?
I have moderator points...

Looks like I'll be abusing the system in a few hours. Just a demonstration to get my point across.
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Sweet Sweet Justice...

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  • because your little joke might be the last time that you ever moderate. I lost the ability to moderate for modding up the Post of Doom. That was my one transgression. If you mess with a Larry Wall interview you are more likely to incur the wrath of Taco than to get the changes you want.

    That said, I applaud your sense of vengance.

  • -dont blow it all on downmodding
    -dont use the same mod for each downmod
    -dont post in article after modding it
  • Like ET said, "be good." Participation in these kinds of wars only serve to fuel them further. You're not the kind of guy to just go out with a chip on your shoulder and then slam some poor unsuspecting schmoe, are you? Did you hit your head? :P
  • and here i was thinking this [] was you so you could finally get a question answered!

    On the bright side, I have a +5 comment in this story! I will be tickled pink if Larry Wall answers my question, then again, I'm not counting on anything, as there are 25 other +5 modded comments.

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