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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Kids Journal and Other Stuff 4

Today my college friends stopped by. We ate lunch and went home and put the kids down for naps and just hung out. Jenna started crying right away. Wife went in. She was sitting up in the middle of her crib. Jenna will sit up when you place her on her butt. She sits quite well... but this is the first time she has actually pulled herself into a sitting position. So we bring her out to the family room and set her in the middle of the room. She rolls into the sitting position and smiles big... a big "Look what I can do, Mom!" smile...
So we put her back on the ground so she can roll around. She rolls up to her hands and knees... something she's been doing for a few days now... then she starts lunging forward... and there's her first crawling steps...
Shit! She's gone from sitting herself up to crawling in a matter of 15 minutes! Luckily she hasn't nearly mastered the crawling, yet... but the expected crawling around the house went from 'weeks' to 'a matter of days.'

Joey learned to roll over when he was 8 months old. Jenna is only 6 months and is soon to be crawling (may have to do with the fact that Jenna is tiny compared to Joey... I think she's at Joey's 3 month weight at 6 months!! Joey was quite the hoss, though... 90 percentile in most categories while Jenna is around 30-50 percentile...)

They grow up too fast, people.... too fast :(
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Kids Journal and Other Stuff

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  • Sounds like she'll be getting into everything, any time now :)
    Also, if she's smaller than your first baby, might want to re-evaluate whatever baby-barriers (gates, etc.) you used before. She might be able to squeeze through where your other one couldn't.
  • While you were oohing and aahing the older one probably lifted the car keys to show off the next step in locomotion progression.

    Raising a kid seems to be a combination of "nights that never end" and "where did that last year go" at the same time.

    Or maybe it's the vomit and the sleep deprivation.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    My nephew literally learned to crawl during my wedding reception. Before the salad, he would just fall over -- and then he was zooming around during dessert. It's on video.
  • but then again they sometimes don't grow up fast enough ;) *looks at his 27 year old self still trying to come up with some kinda set of life goals that don't suck, and are 'real'*

    I also just noticed how permanently ingrained glasses are into my life -- my skull has permanent ridges that the tail end of my glasses fit into.. from having glasses from the 5th grade on up :p i guess my skull was still soft enough to yield to the pressure of having glasses pressed into them..

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