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Journal FortKnox's Journal: FEMA and Quick Story 12

Does anyone else get chills when they hear about FEMA in N'awlins? I keep thinking about nanotech leaders and such....
Stupid Deus Ex..... shoulda only played through it once...

Quick Story: My CD rack in my car was removed this weekend so my bro-in-law could drive it (inlaws are preachers, I listen to satan worshipping rock, so we just avoid the whole confrontation... although I doubt my BIL would care.... but it was my wife's doing)

Anywho, I put it by the door and run in to kiss my wife goodbye today, then walk out the door. I get a call when I arrive at work.
Joey took out one of the CDs while I was kissing my wife, ran it back into his room, put it in his stereo (he listens to classical to go to sleep, hence the little boombox in his room), and turns it on.
It was the hardest, crudest CD I have (Mindless Self Indulgence). Suffice to say, my wife wasn't pleased... but I got a hellofa kick outta it (but hunny! The bitches love him cause he knows how to rock!) ;)
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FEMA and Quick Story

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  • First George
    Then Em
    Now you.

    Will you guys quit growing vulva's?

    I'm starting to feel left out.
  • Just wait until it stops being fun for him.
    Should be in 5 f*cking seconds from now.

    MSI has been seeing more and more playtime lately on my iPod. It's not all that good, but it's catchy and funny as hell. See my sig for details.
  • I don't know of many other people that were into Deus Ex... other than you and me. Great game.... and I played the first one so long ago that I don't even remember what FEMA had to do with things. Weren't they the cover org for why people didn't get the cure? Or am I thinking of something else?

    • I don't know of many other people that were into Deus Ex...

      I was, and still am. I must have played through that game a good 15-20 times. What's amazing, is that each time I played through it, I found a new secret area or secret entrance to a building. IMO, one of the best games there is.
      • same here. That is why I love that game. I played the origional may be twice all the way through.... but I played the first few hours about a dozen times until I got the style I liked (combination of sniper rifle and cross bow darts with lots of multi tools and EMP grenades).

        Have you played the second one? It is pretty slick too, though the novelty of that type of game play has worn off a little.

        • Have you played the second one?

          Only the beginning part for about an hour. I will eventually start playing it again and finish it sometime in the unforseen future, I just haven't been that interested. I wasn't getting a good framerate on it either, so I figure that waiting until I upgrade my computer is a good thing.
          • second one had a nice story, just wasn't as long and captivating as the first.

            For the record, FEMA was what you really worked for, and they were trying to take control of the world. The last dude was the head of FEMA.

            Ever tried to play the entire first game without killing anyone? Using stunners and such? Tough, but possible (I had to kill people eventually).

            My fav way of playing is building a superfast, super strong character and using melee the whole game. Once you get the lightsaber thingy, you
            • The last dude was the head of FEMA.

              Wasn't the end boss of DX2 JC Denton? I remember reading somewhere about that.

              Ever tried to play the entire first game without killing anyone?

              Yes, and succeeded except for Anna Navarre, who had to be killed. I played through practically the entire game using just the baton, and the spy drone aug as a bot killer (or I should say 'stunner', after all, I was trying to be completly non-lethal :)). A shame that the game seems to stop caring whether you kill or stun after you st
              • I am patient... but probably not patiet enough to try the "no-kills" way through the game. Taht would just.... ugh. I prefer to do it "silent but deadly" style.

                man.... all this talk is making me itch for a little DX action..... but here I am baby sitting two computers going through the WinXP SP2 process..... ugh

              • Wasn't the end boss of DX2 JC Denton? I remember reading somewhere about that.

                I'm not giving away the ending of the game (especially if you havne't finished it). But I will say, like the first one, the second one has four possible endings. All but one requires a 'last guy' to beat.
  • At school doing a play i was meant to put on a tape to play some Brahms ... unfortunately I got it mixed up with my Sex pistols tape ...
    A quiet piece done to brahms lullaby turned into an embarrassing incident with "Frigging in the rigging" playing very loudly to a stunned audience .
    Needless to say i was laughing my head off , It took some very careful wording to get me out of serious trouble as i couldn't stop laughing about it. Which they took it to mean that i had done it on purpose (perhaps my sub cons

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