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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: And in round 6.... 5

"More Cowbell" owned by FortKnox takes Willie Parker, running back, Pittsburgh Steelers.

The crowd gasps! Some boos are heard!

Yes, I picked my sleeper waaay early. Had to cause I have a feeling Keith woulda snatched him up if I waited too long. Already have two starters (Julius Jones and Rudi Johnson), so not too much risk taking him, just risky taking him this early...

Last time I picked a RB sleeper, it was a guy named 'Clinton Portis'. Got poked at and made fun of as he wasn't even starting in Denver. Held onto him for several weeks, then when they started him... well... lets just say I produced some serious points ;)

Duce Staley should be worrying, cause if Willie plays in the first game like his preseason showings, Duce will be out of a job...
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Football: And in round 6....

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  • I thought Duce Staley died in his apartment alone a few years ago. Jerry still has his cat.
  • Don't que two QBs in a row, and then turn on auto-pick. Yeah, I now have two good QBs and a real solid trade, but that's a WR that I don't have yet.

    Curses, foiled again.

  • ...Fast Willie was much lower on my draft board. I have a feeling Cowher's depth chart at RB will be shallow, wide, and have an injury report permanently attached. The fantasy points will be spread around too evenly between Bettis, Duce, and Parker for any one to be worth a high pick.

    (Translation: Dammit, I knew I should have taken Parker instead of Kevin Jones!)

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