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Journal FortKnox's Journal: American Idol And Baby Poop 8

Anyone else here watch American Idol? My wife and I have been watching it from the start...
Now, there are some people that deserved to be kicked off, but never got the boot, but last night was the first time someone got kicked and didn't deserve it.
I thought for sure that the last two people would be kelly and tamyara. Also, Nicki (voted second worst) had a GREAT performance yesterday, but Justin deserved the boot, not tamyara. His first song was OK, but the michael jackson song? BOOO!
Tamyara did a good job on one song, then ok with another, and kelly and nicki both kicked butt (although nicki hasn't been good the past couple weeks).
All in all, I'm willing to bet Kelly wins the whole thing. At first I thought Justin had it, no problems, but he's getting progressively worse, and Kelly just has such a powerful (and flexable) voice.

Now, about the 'baby poop' in the title. Yesterday evening marked an important day in my son's development. After COUNTLESS times of pooping and peeing on his mother (and not a once on his father, because I'm extra careful), he finally did it. He was sitting on my stomach, and I knew he was about to burst. I just didn't expect it to come out the side. He ruined one of my shirts, but marked his victory of the coveted "Poop on both my parents" award (it did take him 3 months to get me, though).
I know, I know... too much information (but I think the parents out there that read this will understand) ;-)
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American Idol And Baby Poop

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  • Just before my little brother was out of diapers, he found an incredibly amusing way to torment my dad.

    My dad exercised inthe mornings. My brother waited until my dad started doing sit-ups, during which my brother would be...uhh...loading his diaper. When my dad got tired and laid back to rest, my brother ran up and sat on his head.

    I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. I'm pretty sure toilet training began the next day...

  • He really was harsh on Justin's second performance. That pretty much ensured that people would vote for him to spite Simon. This effect is well-known. Also, Justin is the only male left. That gives him an advantage. To me Nikki picks the least appealing songs of those that were left. That alone makes me wonder why she is still on.
    • Nicki shoulda been kicked off like 4 shows ago. I think she did well, because the 80s and 90s are her niche. If they make them sing any other era, or love songs, nicki's dogmeat.
  • Just as soon as they get some people on there who can actually perform. ;p

    (actualy I didn't even hear of the show until /. posted an article on it)

    Seriously though, what ever happened to the actual art forms? Ballroom dancing, ballet, opera, get me some real performers, yeesh.
    • I see those forms of entertainment not infrequently on PBS.

      Seeing as how they don't appeal to me, I quickly change the channel.

      Actually, I kind like ballroom. Problem is shoddy camerawork. I don't want to see the dancers from the waist up. You must see the dancers from head to toe. What next? Tap dancing with noise filters?
  • We're a Big Brother/Survivor family.

    Here I am, brain the size of the planet (almost:) Remember the IQ test discussions) and I'm not only watching reality TV, but enjoying it immensely.

    Watch out for the belly button. Sooner or later, your kid won't pee whenever the diaper comes off. Angie was so happy about that (she got hit at least once per day). A month ago, she was changing him, and poked his belly button (dunno why. It's a parent thing. To quote Bill Cosby "Those of you with kids will understand...") In any event, it is not a 'belly button'. It is a 'urine-on-demand button'.

    Reminds me: gotta buy diapers after work. Are you using cloth or disposable?

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