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Journal FortKnox's Journal: An All New Diet!!! 8

Its better than Atkins, and Weight Watchers can't touch it!

Its called "the moment you sit down to eat, your son pukes five gallons out all over the floor, and you have to clean it before you can eat!"
Last night right before dinner, he exploded on the kitchen floor. Wife took care of him, I took care of the floor. He was jumping around happy afterward, so we thought it was a simple 12 hour bug. He's been fine today until just before dinner (AGAIN!). We sit down to dinner, he starts talking about 'spitting in the toilet', which my wife figures is just him remembering last night. He starts to cry, and we take it seriously.... about 10 seconds too late. Made it to the bathroom, just not to the toilet. Again, wife takes care of Joey, I take care of the floor. I've eaten very little, but the house smells Pine-sol clean!

Ugh... poor guy... and I'm worried about catching what he has.... Here's hoping its just a small stomach bug that he's getting over and I'm already immune to...
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An All New Diet!!!

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