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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sweet Lord! 15

I wrote this post in a frontpage article. To sum up the article, some japanese dude made a bot in a MMORPG that looted the hell outta people who have bought items (in the game) with real money. The Japanese police arrested the guy.
My simple point was:
A.) The developer shouldn't have called the cops. They should ban the user and prevent the bots. This is partly their responsibility
B.) If you log into a game realizing that the stuff you paid for can LEGALLY be taken from you from another player (basically, you can get looted), you realize the risk of the game, so tough shit.

I got at least 3 people saying "Does it mean if I shoot someone it is Smith&Wesson's fault?" (Example, Example, Example)
WTF people...
Reality... pinch yourself. Thats right. Hurt, don't it?
Fantasy... type *pinch self* on your computer.
Ok... do we understand reality and make believe? Sure, my son doesn't quite grasp the subject entirely, but HE'S THREE!

The stupidity of the slashdot crowd has really surprised me today.
Why do I post on the frontpage, again??

I just hope those replies are simply well crafted trolls, not real peoples opinions.
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Sweet Lord!

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  • Those are actual opinions. Comes from the knee-jerk reaction to the hellacious lawsuits that get won here in the US.

    On the subject at hand, I have to wonder when someone is going to decide that since you can sell items for cash, you are basically gambling. No different from Video Poker. And if you do that online for real money, you can be arrested (in some jurisdictions).

  • First of all, I agree with you.

    I used to play Ultima Online. I tried just about every exploit in the book, and had a blast doing it. There was nothin illegal about it. If I got caught, they could suspend my account or *gasp* ban me.

    There was an entire culture of peeps who took advantage of the system. I used to run up to people and spam, making them them think I had attacked them. So when they fought back, they got the agressor flag, and my friends could safely kill him.

    I found a way to steal from corp
  • If I go into a boxing ring/Tae Kwon Do tourney, and I get punched/kicked/whatever, can I have the other person arrested for assault?

    NO - because by entering the ring, I agreed to take the risk of getting hit. I cannot complain if the other person is faster than I am.

    That is the correct analogy to this event - the players go in knowing they can be looted - as I understand it is a fundamental part of the game.

    HOWEVER - this guy:
    a) Used a bot - against the rules
    b) sold the items for a real-world profit.

    That wo
    • The only thing he violated was using a Third-Party Program. Once he PK'ed the players and looted their items (this course of action is one of the expressed purposes of the PvP system coded in the game), for all intents and purposes they became his items which he could do with as he saw fit.
  • 3350829

    I find it sad that he thinks that our concerns with his grip on reality and fantasy are focused on believing that the perp shouldn't get punished at all, rather than being focused on him assuming that being punished in this case requires jail time in the real world. I doubt it occured to him that the MMOG government could also punish him.

    That is really sad.

  • You're right, I think. Its a flaw in the game.

    Side note: I can't understand people paying real money for in game items. Well, I can't really understand having to pay money to continue playing a game you've already bought either.

    Another side note: It scares me to think that these people can equate driving cars over people IN REAL LIFE &etc to stealing some stupid bits from a guy IN A GAME.

    And a majority of the world is probably made up of similar such persons.

  • The thing that gets me about this is that he's been arrested? Why? Which law has he broken? I can't see anything even vaguely illegal about what he's done. He may well have infringed the rules of the game. But that's a private matter between him and the company running the game. Why are the police involved? Why is it deemed in the national interest to spend public money prosecuting him? Because other players were too stupid to realise that money they spent on virtual items could be lost? The fact that he la
  • Ok I know you wern't trolling but that is a rather ipressive string of (mostly nonsensical) replies.
  • Don't be too surprised. I wrote a JE a while back about a SLASHDOTTERs admission that he had tried to iron the clothes he was wearing (and acted all surprised when he got burned). And another one who tried to launch a bottle rocket from between his butt cheeks (plus photos) leading to a scorched behind.
    • Oh dear me ,its that awful show jackass incarnate ..
      You have to wonder about some peoples logic. I have set hand on fire before .. I was not being stupid I was performing a stage trick( I used to want to be a magician ) I planned it carefully and knew exactly what i was doing so it would look like it was really occurring and painful (a cold burning flame and some wax on my skin on places layered underneath the initial wax was red wax to look like blood) shortly after dunking my hand in water to great applau

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