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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Ever Been to 7

To those that visit my website, I have been asking for a little help.
I am trying to build a new engine to be run on the site (half weblog, half portal, half personal website that all tie together (yeah, I know that make 1.5 :-P)). There's more details on with more info.
The jist of it is that the hardware on the machine can't really handle JBoss, a good DB, tomcat, and a slew of JSPs, plus the space it'd require to hold all that, plus website info. It runs slowly enough with just PHP pages, and I'm on the brink of running outta HD space.
I need an upgrade, and there is the dayton computerfest that I can use to steal deals for hardware. Unfortunately, I'm pretty broke and asking for donations to help upgrade the server.

I only ask for donations if you visit the site, would like to see this new engine (oh, it'll be open source, too), and have extra cash to spare. Info on donating is available on
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  • Josh, I can't help(right away) with a donation, but I would really love to be involved in the design and coding stages as I'm an experienced programmer but a relative Java newbie(I've taken a couple of classes though and done stuff with servlets, EJB's etc) I am very familiar with slashcode and would have no problem translating things from perl to Java if that's what you're thinking about doing.

    The only question I have about your approach is the database. Wouldn't Oracle be prohibitively expensive for someone who wants to implement an open-source project? If you are right in your previous postings you could use mysql like slashcode does and demonstrate a performance benefit from using perl to using Java purely through good coding practice and good design. I.E if the performance improved, you couldn't give credit to the database if mysql was used. Just a thought.

  • Waiters were rude, and the bruchetta was abysmal. However, the wine service was spectacular.

  • ...trying to sell you on using Slash at this point is out of the question, right?

    /me dons asbestos-laden impact protection suit.


    Actually, just for the heck of it, what would Slash need to do this? What isn't in the core can be done by plugins, now.

    • Honestly, I could of used slash or scoop.
      I do have the perl experience to pick both up.
      But, seeing as I'm a Java developer, I feel I need to put a Java weblogger into the game.
      I have a buncha reasons. The whole "I think EJBs will drastically improve the performance of large websites" stuff that I always spout is one reason. I wanted to make an Open Source project worth checking out. To have a project that will show off Jakarta Struts and Tomcat, and JBoss. I wanted to make an online open source project with OO techniques and patterns. But the top reason is a greedy one... I want it so I have something cool to put on my resume.
      Having a single project and handling the design, architecture, and, (hopefully) eventually, manage a group of developers to finish/maintain the project. Its all nice stuff for a consultant to have on his resume.
      • This is very true, and you are quite right. Thanks for the explanation, although my suggestion was originally tongue-in-cheek, anyways.

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