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Journal FortKnox's Journal: IBS Setback 11

Gack... from 11:00pm till about 3:30-4:00am I had my major setback. Monster episode. Wasn't fun. Woke up this morning for work surprisingly awake... started to get ready and it hit me a again (never had it all night long then hit me again in the morning). Regardless, I'm taking the day off as the bathroom isn't far from my computer (still trying to work a little).

Still... I'm totally psyched for Sam. Way to go, dude! I figured at least one of those places would give you a good offer! Booyah!

My wife is looming about waiting for me to start feeling better so she can get me to help her. I've said it many-a-times but probably not to you guys. A stay at home mom does about 503827 times more work than any of us (well... bethanie excluded seeing as she is a stay at home). If my wife had the job and I had to stay at home, I'd probably be a stressed out bumbling mess. Kids are ruthless, I tell ye ;)
So any of yens that are married to stay at homes... when you get home from work exhausted and want some time off, just imagine what your wife went through during the day... she needs a rest before you do :)

And to end this rambling... guess the movie:
Girl: Do you SWEAR?!? [ed: as in promise]
Guy: Every damn day
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IBS Setback

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  • Hope you feel better, I'm sure IBS isn't fun. I just did a wikipedia on it out of curiousity.

    As far as a wife doing a lot around home- I'm sure it is pretty significant when there is more than one kid. My wife stays busy but she also has her parents (both sides) to help watch our daughter. We're thinking about having another one but still settling in the house. Who knows...

    • Two definately complicates things. Three is when you really get into trouble (my wife watches our niece during the day). You have to learn to go from man-to-man to zone coverage. With three, the likelihood of them all taking a nap at the same time is nill... they all wake up before 8... with one toddler, and two mobile infants... its a handful.
      • My wife stays at home with our four and is currently pregnant. Ever see the movie Beavis and Butthead do America? Remember the scene after they wake up from their peyote induced hallucinations and Beavis is laying in the desert sleeping with his hand quivering?

        That's my wife when I get home, only I'm sure it wasn't anything like eating peyote.
  • And I don't mean by doing sit ups! :) Good luck on the flare-up. Is it the heat?

    A stay at home mom does about 503827 times more work than any of us
    Child rearing aside, I do plenty to keep my house-hold in shape; all the cooking, much of the cleaning, all the exterior maintenance, all the laundry folding (*after a few fabulous disasters with the washer and the dryer, I'm no longer allowed to touch those machines), all of the cat maintainance, and all the shopping. Feminist equality has found its salvatio
    • Dunno what caused it... took my by surprise last night. Thought everything WAS in order... first flare-up in months. Oh well... just rearing its head to show its still there, I guess...
  • Rick: I've been to Hamunaptra.
    Evelyn: Do you swear?
    Rick: Every damn day.

    From - The Mummy

    Evelyn: You lied to me.
    Jonathan: I lie to everyone, what makes you so special?
    Evelyn: I'm your sister.
    Jonathan: That just makes you more gullible.

    Evelyn: By the way, why did you kiss me?
    Rick: I don't know. I was about to be hanged. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
    Evelyn: Ooh!
    [gets up and walks away in a huff]
    Rick: [Calling after her] What? What did I say?

    Rick: Well if it ain't my little buddy Beni. I think I'll ki
  • Are going to be doing Fantasy Football this year? I was just wondering, since I haven't seen anything posted on /. in awhile..

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