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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Email Server Question [Updated! x 2] 11

OK, I'm having a bit of trouble, here.

I switched from a cable modem to DSL yesterday. I changed the IP and made sure everything worked. is reset to the IP and I can see it working fine. However, I noticed email wasn't coming in.
The quick lowdown is that I use for my '' email addresses. I only have one real account on the machine, but all emails are just aliases to send to other email addresses (like goes to my ISP email address).
I tried aliases and a variety of tests to find that the problem is the server GETTING emails (it can send them fine). Any idea what could be causing this? With the cable modem, the emails were copied directly... would it be different with the DSL or something?? I thought it may just be that some servers aren't reset to the new IP, but I gave it a night and it usually resets pretty fast (as I said, I can hit the webpage and everything, fine).

I'll try to log into AIM (joshmarotti) if anyone has any ideas (or post in this JE). Thanks for any help you can give me.

Update: I verified there was no router in the way between the ISP and my IP (the IP goes directly to my server and everything).

Update 2: Nizo figured it out and helped me get it working! Thanks nizo!!
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Email Server Question [Updated! x 2]

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  • I know on my Verizon DSL (Residential) they block SMTP traffic that isn't to their servers, so I use Verizon's outbound SMTP server. I don't have an inbound SMTP server, though. They also block (pissy) VPN communication. Didn't have either of these problems on my cable line, though.

    This is actually fairly common among ISPs with a traditional (read: dial-up) background. I was doing tech support for Prodigy Internet when they implemented SMTP filtering. It usually falls under a "spam prevention" clause, as on
  • Tried to IM ya (Score:3, Informative)

    by nizo ( 81281 ) * on Saturday July 30, 2005 @10:09AM (#13201809) Homepage Journal
    Anyway when I send you email, I get:

    554 : Relay access denied

    In your file (probably in /etc/postfix) do you have something like:

    mydestination =

    defined? You may want to set:

    mydomain =

    too if it isn't set as well.

  • in a lame attempt to "stop spam" many residential ISPs block


    Ask them, I'll bet that's it.
  • you need to set up a VPN tunnel to allow SMTP to get past the filtering restrictions (which requires an external server elsewhere) you basically just need a router somewhere else on the internet that points to... and then have that router send data to and from you over the VPN..

    but it could be an issue with TLDs/BIND and general routing issues... have you tried sending e-mails to your IP address directly?
  • Your server accepted my email, did you get it?

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