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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Wil Wheaton History? 4

I read the piece by poor Wil. He deserves to be in that uniform, and I feel for the guy.
But I have a question if there are any trekkies that read my journal:

Why wasn't he a main character like he was in the series? I can't recall him from any of TNG movies. Was there a falling-out between him and a producer/director? Did he decide to not pursue movies? Anyone know?
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Wil Wheaton History?

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  • It seems like Wil was a little scarred with his relationship with the character, and the writers, and the fact that most Trek fans just couldn't separate the actor from the character.

    Honestly? I wish the best for Wil. He amazed me with his role in Stand By Me [], impressed me by steping away from hiself in Toy Soldiers [], and I actually wouldn't mind seeing Deep Core [], if only for the eye candy.

    Wesley Crusher is the cause of most of the guy's grief. He's put out some pretty decent stuff both pre- and post-Trek. It's a shame that many of us typecast him as such, though: one simple role and suddenly all this resentment shows from people who really would do well to not judge until they see more of his other stuff. I think Wil could use some of the Brad Pitt treatment. Maybe he could re-invent himself as an action star and try to put out another image of himself. As soon as people begin thinking of him more as an actor and less as Wesley Crusher, then everybody will be a lot happier.

    Ah well, that's my 2 cents, and I'm just waking up for the day, and I have yet to inaugurate the day with some morning caffiene, so I better wrap this up and click "Submit" before I start to ramble...

    ...and you don't want to see me ramble. Mmm... no... you don't!

  • when Wil left the series, it was because of a major falling out with Rick Berman, the producer. Wil wanted to do some movies, and was offered a great part, but Berman wouldn't let him miss the first two episodes of season 7(?). Wil thought that this was severely limiting his career, and decided to leave the show shortly after that. He and Rick hadn't spoken much at all until Levar asked Wil if he'd be interested in a small part in Nemesis. Wil and Burton made ammends, and all seemed good until they had to cut Wil's scene from the film.

    It's a real shame the scene had to be cut, but I think Wil is taking it very well. he's a real great guy, and I'd love to see him in some more mainstream roles (still waiting to see Jane White Is Sick And Twisted..)
  • First he joined the Academy and so he wasn't on the ship. Later, if I remember correctly he became some sort of super-being and went off to live in the super-being dimension. I might be wrong. Is Wil one of your fans? Maybe he will answer.


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