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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [Updated] Sorry Subscribers... 5

I shoulda kept my mouth shut. Remember my infinite subscription trick?
Well, I noticed today I couldn't see the mysterious future. Looking at the subscribe page:

Homepage (Plum: see the Mysterious Future!)
Stories (Plum: reading Mysterious Future stories)

So if you want to see the mysterious future now, you have to supress ads on the homepage.

What a load. They have the most broken system in the world, but fix the one piece that no one bitches about?

Really, why not spend time on.... hrm... lets see...
The moderation system?
The wonderful 503 errors?
The development cycle (in other words, quit coding like its a college project and bring in an integration server and staging server to ensure changes are fully tested before bringing them live)
etc, etc etc...

What a joke... I'm gonna really start spilling out code to get rid of this place as fast as I can, now....

Update: Belay that order!
After toying around with it, either the mysterious future wasn't viewed by anyone, or soemthing, cause I can see it now and I'm not blocking ads.
Carry on...
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[Updated] Sorry Subscribers...

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