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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I need $48k!!! 15

I am now accepting donations to obtain $48,000.00

What will I do with all this cash? Pay for someone else to write unread? Nope.... I need it to buy this.

Lets see someone ride my ass or slow down in the left lane while I get to work in that (note the flamethrowers...)
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I need $48k!!!

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  • My co-workers are looking at me strangely. Yes, this does not differ from most other days...but still. I am laughing uncontrollably. I mean it, I cannot stop.

    If I pee in my pants at work, I will NOT forgive you. :-)

    • It wasn't meant to be funny, so don't blame me. My guess? You are slowly slipping into insanity... so to that I say...

      Welcome to insanity! I'll be your insanity buddy! If you have any questions, I will answer them, but keep in mind it won't make any sense what-so-ever! Doodle bug aroo!
      • Oh my goodness! Doodle bug aroo! I'm telling you, I need medication. :-)

        I will definitely be your insanity buddy though. It's always good to have another crazy person telling you that you aren't crazy. It makes some for very interesting times. I had this one friend, in college, that used to keep me up ALL night long, doing crazy stuff...like breaking into the milk machine so that we could run off with handfuls of nickels...so that she could go buy snack cakes and potato chips from the snack machine in the

      • I didn't know insanity worked on the buddy system. That's it, I'm recruiting Tomble and the Perfessor! Wheeeeeeee!! Fish paint typewriter!!

        Actually, FK, that was hilarious. Fortunately, I work from home and my office door is two metres from the toilet. *grin*
  • we'll be more motivated to donate, I think. ;-)
  • I think it's protomech size
  • it just flops around, wait till a version that can actually move
  • ... to just be able to yell "Hey kids, got off my damn lawn!". =)
  • I am not going to give you cent 1 for that. Just what we need, FK strolling down the blvd surrounded by a couple of tons of steel.

    Uhm excuse me sir, do you know where the nearest mall is? I need to buy a copy of Longhorn.

    What!? [crush][crush][crush]

    Wait... maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all...

  • Here you have a fan who builds autonomous robots, and you're thinking about going and buying a non-customized mech for $48k?

    Tsk tsk.
  • Why 48000? Why not just 46000? gas price?

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