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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Infinite Subscription 11

I just realized I never said how to have an infinite subscription (I've still the one donated to me a long time ago).

Subscription is based on how many many ads you want to ignore.

Go into your subscription settings, select 'ads' for everything.
Now you get the Subscription plumes, and your subscription won't run out.

Don't want the ads?

Ad Block
(Thanks slothdog!)

Now you don't see ads on slashdot.
Infinite Subscription with ALL the plumes.
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Infinite Subscription

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  • Last time I looked, you had to use 10 ad blocks per day to get the subscription perks, like the mysteeerious future.
    • No- you had to have the add suppression limit set to more than 10 to get that perk. Apparently, the Ads/NoAds flags are a different set of data entirely- and this is known to slashdot because they *try* to social engineer you with "For accounting purposes, we'd appreciate it if you had at least one category of page set to no ads".
  • And how long will it be until enough people take your hint, and /. sees enough of a hit on the bottom line, before they correct that atrocious bit of coding....

    Of course, my opinion [] is that, even with an infinite limit on the duration of the subscription, it is still not worth it.
    • And how long will it be --snip-- before they correct that atrocious bit of coding....

      You must be ne-- uhh, umm, drunk here?

      It took Salon eight months to close the infinite daypass url that I (and who knows how many others before and since) pointed out to them. But a few days ago, they did.

      So let's see who's more 1337(sp?), or Taco & His Posse. We'll announce the winner next March.
    • Eh. 400 users instead of 200 on my friends list is worth it, esp with a donated subscription myself.

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