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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Changes 5

I think I've finally decided to design a J2EE weblogger for I want it to be more 'portal like' with users, have a "basic" (for relatives) and "advanced" (for geeks) mode, so that the information isn't too terribly concentrated to make it a little more user friendly to non-techies. So it will be a weblogger/portal with multiple modes for user friendliness.

The only issue I have is that I still don't have the firepower on my server to run Oracle personal DB, Tomcat, and (eventually) JBoss. I have some donations, which I may be able to use at Dayton's Computerfest to get some hardware. I don't think $100 is going to get me a large HD, and a MoBo+CPU+Memory combo, though, and I don't have any spare cash to toss into the mix. Maybe I'll beg for donations on my MUD and see where I can go with it.

Perhaps I'll just use my main box as a server for now (although can you get multiple connections going with XP home edition and apache??).

I'll open source the code and throw it up on Source Forge when I have enough that makes it worthy of being d/l'ed by developers.
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  • by glh ( 14273 )
    Sounds like a good idea. I'd love to help, although I've never developed on the J2EE platform (more of a .NETTer myself) but have used Oracle plenty. It'd be some good experience to get at any rate. Maybe we can discuss at the show a little more..let me know.

    I know you can't do multiple hosting with IIS on Home XP (or even Pro for that matter, actually I don't even think you can run IIS on Home). Apache you should be able to do whatever with.

    I bet for $175 you could get a decent bare bones AMD at the show with a 40 GB hard drive..

  • uPortal is pretty cool. We're playing around with it a bit at work, and it has a pretty good framework surrounding it and is easy to maintain/use.

    The channel authoring is really simple, and it's an open source framework so you can hack it to what you need. Uses any JDBC database, including HypersonicSQL which is a lightweight DB server.

    Good luck with it.
  • I just got a MoBo (sdr) from newegg for $62, 1ghz or so CPUs are ~40 or so;

    err, you have any spare RAM sitting around? :-D (doesn't everybody?)
  • What J2EE server are you using?

    I'm in the planning stages of building either a servlett/JSP or J2EE app and am looking at the cost (gasp) versus benefit.


    • JBoss is the appserver, I'll be using. The reason? Its free. JBoss is a GREAT development platform that handles just about anything.

      If you want to speak PERFORMANCE on a production server, I'd say I prefer BEA's WebLogic, with IBM's WebSphere coming in a close second.

      If you require peak performance, its best to go with a commercial app-server, otherwise JBoss is a great alternative.

      I'd suggest trying out the struts [] framework with your project. Its a GREAT servlet/JSP engine that can have EJB's attached to it without issues. A ton of companies are picking up on it and making it their standard framework (the demands for it in the consulting world are great, and I happen to have experience with it) ;-)

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