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Journal FortKnox's Journal: What great timing... 15

I'm a good week from a decision that could put me in a high management job at my company. I went to Chicago to learn the tech, taught it to others, became THE guy in the know, but they had another guy already in the position. He left a couple months ago, but they didn't want to put someone else in the position until we had clients that used the tech. Well, they came to me last week cause they have a client wanting a demo (they liked the sales presentation, but want to see it in action). So I'm in a position to sell the tech, which would make me really in the place to be when they decide on who to put in the position...

All this is mostly due to two people... one to the .NET manager who really helped me up the ladder, but mostly due to the guy who's the boss of the position I covet. He's the one that wanted me to go to Chicago over a lot of others, and one who's been trying to get me into a similar position...

Well, I got an email today. That guy is leaving my company for a client. Pretty big setback for me, though the .NET manager may take his position. I'm still a bit upset. One, that it hits at the worst possible time, but two, he's really the guy that was pulling me up to higher positions cause he really believed in me...

Total bummer, though I guess we'll see what happens next week...
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What great timing...

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  • ... why not try to jump several rungs up, and take the former boss' position?
    • Far too many people in much higher positions lined up for that job. The job requirements exceed my skills greatly, unfortunately.
      • The job requirements exceed my skills greatly, unfortunately.

        So what? You'll either:

        [ ] Grow into it
        [ ] Be promoted out of it if you can't handle it
        [ ] Do a lot of "ask a subnet of slashdot"

        Make it known you want it - then "settle" for the job you really want. Good luck. BTW, you won this weeks' TT. I'll get around to posting the official notice eventually, but the dogs are taking up ALL my (so-called) free time.

  • Is he bringing a team to the new joint? Is there a spot there?
    And hang tough. Losing one benefactor doesn't mean others aren't hanging around.

    You'll be fine. Just don't get all worked up and bloated and gassy. You have better things to worry about.
    How's the baby?
    • Is he bringing a team to the new joint? Is there a spot there?
      No, and the client he's going to I was offered a job to before. Financial institute with the most chaotic IT department I've ever seen. I wouldn't work there if you paid me extremely wekk (though he's going to a non-IT position, I think).

      Just don't get all worked up and bloated and gassy.

      Ah, you know me so well.... but the IBS hasn't kicked in, yet...

      How's the baby?

      She rolled over for me when I got home from work, yesterday, and s
      • She rolled over for me when I got home from work

        That's way cool. And remember, it's a lot more important than climbing the ladder (though climbing the ladder is nice too :-)).

  • sorry man... ugh

    i have given up all hope in trying to figure out how advancement works, in terms of the corporate world.

    so... having said that. i've given up on it. no, i haven't given up on actually doing a career thing... but yeah... it really is just a job for me. i've come to realize over the last 8 or 10 months that i no longer care about advancement in this job.

    so... and this is just me asking... what does advancement do for you? i'm not trying to be a wise ass... really josh... i'm curious. for me
    • Valid question.

      I don't want to sit in front of my computer and code all my life. I enjoy coding, but there are far too many people better at it than I. What the corporate ladder lacks, I have found, is competent managers. I have a skill with people, a skill with technology, and a skill to mingle on either side of the fence. I think I would far enjoy my time as a analyst and project manager. Unfortunately, that means you have to work hard at my current position to get an opportunity in middle manageme
    • so... whatcha gonna do instead?

      That goes double for you, blinder, so write a full answer with indexing and table of contents, to be filed next to the project plan and your resume.

      And... can i have your old job? Either of you? I have no marketable skills or IT knowledge (my episodes are written in crayon and construction paper and handed in to the reWriticator every week) and so will simply have to abscond with the first paycheck, leaving your company in the lurch, but other than that i'm the right one for
      • And when Sol leaves, I'll be happy to abscond with the second paycheck! In fact, I have a miniscule ammount of IT knowledge, so I may even make it to the third. After that, your on your own ;)
      • That goes double for you, blinder, so write a full answer with indexing and table of contents, to be filed next to the project plan and your resume.

        yes ma'am.

        what i plan to do is get out of IT and see about developing my side projects (zine, music etc.) into full blown day-jobs (looks at the dragon).

        I have no marketable skills

        wait just a cotton-pickin minute. this from a person who just used the words "abscond," "lurch" and "reWriticator" in the SAME sentence, has no marketable skills?

        anyway... a f
      • "The ReWriticator lurched out the door, absconding with Blinder's crayons."

    • Advancing is kind of curious. Part of what we do here (wherever 'here' is) is to help firms determine where the talent is to cultivate going forward. It's kind of curious because the firm's founder helped invent job evaluation methodology that is the forerunner for all modern methodologies.

      Basically a job is broken into 3 key components, Know How, Problem Solving and Accountability. Most folks get hung up on Know How (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) which is fine in lower level positions. However, aft
  • Violence Can Solve Any Conflict ...discuss...

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