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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Rollover! 15

My daughter rolled from her back to her stomach today.

First time parents normally would jump up and down at what a great achievement.
The rest of us mourn. We mourn that now the clean blanket isn't going to contain the baby, so daily vaccuuming is needed. We mourn that the stairs will need constant guarding and gates will need to be put up. We mourn that everything that hits the floor that is big enough to go in the kids mouths MUST be found and picked up, immediately.

Mobility isn't the greatest. I don't mind that my baby girl is growing up... I mind that now I have to be extra extra careful to know where she is at all times...
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  • Admittedly, my monthly vacuuming of the living room rug probably wouldn't be too cool, but man... daily vacuuming. Maybe you should stop dumping buckets of glass shards on your floor. :^)
    • But without the glass shards, it won't have that shimmering ocean effect!

      I mean, c'mon, what's the welfare of a youth compared to a visually stunning effect? []
      • Oh, for heaven's sake, when are you people going to learn? You just put the carpet tacks in the BOTTOM of the carpet, sticking up, so you get the sparkly shiny sharpies without any of the bother of vacuuming or of people inadvertently taking your glass shards home in their feet.



        (yes, evil went to work today. That explains a LOT about my day, actually. Pardon me while i go have a few extremely necessary conversations before good gets out of the box and i have to go home.)
    • Baby's do two things:
      1.) They drool a lot
      2.) They put everything they can reach into their mouth. If they can't reach anything and are on their stomachs, they lick the ground.

      Yup.... daily vaccuuming....
      • a little dirt never hurt--builds resistance!

        jeesh, my mom is the biggest clean freak i know and she only vacuumed once or twice per week! :)
        • Yeah, well my mom is the biggest clean freak you don't know, and she only vacuums once per week. Granted, she even vacuums the rooms that nobody uses (formal living room) because she likes to see fresh vacuum tracks.

          Besides, it would appear there will soon be far more dangerous things in Cincy for FK's daughter than mere dirt. :^)
  • My 2 y/o just learned how to unlock the screen door so now he just go outside whenever he wants to. I don't mind that so much as he just wants to ride his trike around. what does suck is that he doesn't know you are supposed to close it. After a few minutes of silence and peace I have leaped up to track and locate the 1 y/o who has more than once been outside on the lawn watching. ugh!
    • Yeah, Joe has already sent the dog out once (she came back surprisingly easily that time, though). We have installed many child door locks on all the doors and some gates to try to stave him in.

      The problem is that Joey is getting extremely smart and taking after his father. He'll "build" stairs out of toys to climb over any gate he can't knock down....
  • vigilant you have to be. In our local news recently was the sad story of a little boy who choked to death on a popcorn kernel. That's stupid and sad at the same time.

    Now I know just a little of the worrying you really do.
  • No, seriously. It's not that big a deal. We call it the "Floorgasbord" in our house.

    Squirt picks up all kinds of shit (well, not shit, but leftover food in the kitchen) from the floor, and she does just fine with it. I don't watch her every minute, but I maintain an awareness of her. I've caught her gagging several times, but if they're gagging (or making any kind of noise) they're not choking -- it was never anything truly dangerous.

    I do believe that that which doesn't kill 'em makes 'em stronger. Defi
  • I thought you were talking about Esuvee []. I thought it was hilarious.
  • Your realism is most refreshing. ;)

I don't want to be young again, I just don't want to get any older.