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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Katie and Tom... 18

2 months, insane relationship (see the Oprah interview if you don't believe me), and now Engagement. Yeah, this is going good.
I wish the media would get out of it, cause this isn't something we really need to show our kids. Look, if you have a lot of money and are (were?) famous, you can nab yourself a cute young chick and if you are fast enough, reel her into marriage with you in a matter of months.

Really, what are the odds this marriage lasts more than two years?

The worst part of it all is that Cruise hired a scientologist "thinker" to stay with Katie at all times. And scientology isn't a cult?

Eh, the whole thing stinks of a buncha garbage...

Anywho, Free Katie!

This uncomplete thoughts journal brought to you by the letters 6, Pi, and Banana.... and the bad spelling/grammar? That was all me, baby.
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Katie and Tom...

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  • Until you said "Cruise", the proper noun.

    So, anyway, I'm kind of looking forward to tomorrow morning's saturday morning cartoons. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and One Piece are usually pretty cool, except TMNT is probably going to be a rerun because it's summer and all the lil 'uns go out to play.

    I won't be going out to play, of course, because I'll be laying in my air-conditioned apartment with the blinds drawn tight and a bottle in each hand - hair of the dog and all that.

    What were we talking about?
    • Tomorrow is "April's Artifact" (season 3). Cartoon Network is running TMNT the series from the first episode of season 1 to the last episode of season 4 (Starting 2 weeks ago). Episode 5 is tomorrow and 6 is sunday.

      I haven't been able to get into One Piece yet. It looks (to me) like Dragon Ball (foo), which I'm not a fan of. I HIGHLY recommend Samurai Champloo in Adult Swim (midnight saturday->sunday).

  • If I hadn't *just* come from the grocery store (think tabloid headlines in line for checkout) I would have NO idea WTF you were talking about.

    As for the issue at hand, I believe they're free to fuck up their lives however they wish.

    And as for the media circus and what are children are exposed to -- if you don't like it, don't watch/read it. And *definitely* don't buy it. When they ask, explain to your kids about trash "journalism." It's just one of those things that's out there because some really stupid
    • Thank you.

      And I have to add...why do we care? And by "we" I mean "you," FortKnox. Seriously. I have to ask- why is this different than any other Hollywood engagement, marriage, or whatnot?
      • Eh, it was mostly just a ploy to get people talking about it. The whole scientology things gives me the heebeegeebees, though.
        • Speaking of heebeegeebees -- what's up with that whole Christianity thing? It's so fucking pervasive -- and those people are, like, *brainwashed*!!


          • Yea, but Christians as a rule aren't known for engaging in criminal harrasment or filing lawsuits against people who leave the church.

            The fucking clams are just weird.
            • Oh, but they *do* those things -- you just don't realize it because Christians are so prevalent in our culture.

              And OK OK OK enough already -- I'm not defending scientologists, and I'm not really attacking Christians. I'm just speaking as a heathen who finds ALL established religion just, kinda... weird and freaky.

              • Oh, but they *do* those things -- you just don't realize it because Christians are so prevalent in our culture.

                I know they do. But the Scientologists are much more extreme. In particular the Co$ has incurred the unending wrath of many internet users for their attempts to supress any unfavorable information or discussion about them on the net.

                And OK OK OK enough already -- I'm not defending scientologists, and I'm not really attacking Christians. I'm just speaking as a heathen who finds ALL established
  • he's a psycho
    she's a whack job
    let's hope ... oh fuck it who cares?
  • They are the new "Bennifer", but skeerier.

    I like Katie, but I still think she belongs with Pacey. ;-)

  • is that there was a link to this "breaking news" on the WashingtonPosts's webpage!! WTF?! In my eyes they've gone from a second rate Democractic rag (not that I don't agree with that...) to playing in's sandbox. Don't get me wrong, gawker is funny and all... but WTF?!
  • now the CoS is going to sue /. into oblivion because you've said less than flattering things about them

  • She should've never left Dawson. Of course after he fucked up that relationship with Lauren when they were at college... oh well, she only loved Victor Ward anyway.

    And he turned into a kevlar-lined Armani clad model slash terrorist.
  • Jealous much?
    • I was a little upset when she got engaged to Chris Klein and not me, but that helped me start getting over her. I was still shocked when the latest BS started. What really disappoints me is either none of her family and friends showed her while she was still able to think for herself. I wonder if her new best friend, the scientology minder that travels everywhere with her, is evidence Katie isn't completely indoctrinated yet.
  • Not a surprise to anybody, is it, that both Tom and Katie have new movies coming out this summer? The only question I have is whether Katie is in on the whole scam or if she's about to get royally screwed up when the whole thing magically goes sour.

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