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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Meeting TechnoLust 18

I met my first person from slashdot yesterday (well, I know glh, but that was because I went to highschool with him, and haven't seen him since I found him here). Anywho, for those out of the loop, the interview TL had was with my company here in Cincy. So I had lunch and dinner with him, but there wasn't much time to do anything else due to all the interviews he had to go through.

My impression of TL? Well, it was kinda odd. He kept asking how old Jenna was, and when I told him that she was only a few months, he'd lick his lips and drool uncontrollably. It was really quite disturbing. Then you shoulda seen his reaction when he heard that Michael Jackson got away with what he had done!

Hehehe... in all seriousness, everything went great. It was wierd going from 'just seeing this guy for the first time' to 'talk to him like a college buddy.' Yeah, I never met him in person before, but knew him (and he knew me) so well due to years of JEs and stuff. Next time, he'll need to stay around longer so I can actually show him the city and stuff.
Things went well in his interviews (as he said), so he may end up being a permanent resident of Cincinnati in the near future.

Metlin, you're the next person I plan on meeting from here. We'll have to do lunch late this week or next week.
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Meeting TechnoLust

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  • He even has a floaty [] for his girlfriends to use!
  • So, lunch AND dinner! Did you put out for TL? HUH!? Did ya!?

    Yeah, I thought so!

  • it is strange meeting folks from the dot in real life... but strange-good/strange-wonderful

    i mean... lets see... i've met sam, em, buffer-overflowed, solemndragon, sielwolf, gmontag, cy guy, gmhowell, daoine, pancho, eth, mekka, zirnike, rdewald, and technolust... and each one, with the exception of gmhowell, has been just a splendid experience.

    TL is very cool in person, just don't ask for directions or anything like that :)

    on my to-meet list is smoochy, subgeek, gecko food, lithron (need to take you to
    • Blinder can prove I'm not just a nasty figment of your collective imaginations. However, he cannot prove that I am not a nasty figment of his imagination.

    • You're just still pissed off that you gave me the Porsche. Now when is delivery again?

      BTW, the reason you couldn't get to first base with TL is you refused to offer a reach around. Fair IS fair.
  • Hopefully I'll be able to hook up with you guys soon, especially if TL gets a job offer and accepts. We have an office down in Cinci ("TNS") but I haven't had the need to go down yet. Of course, there is always the dayton computer show- maybe we could meet there again. At any rate, it'd be nice to get together again.
    • Are you around this weekend? As soon as FK recovers from his memory loss about our meetup way back when ( :P ), maybe we could meet up again. I am in town from Wednesday to Sunday.
      • Are you around this weekend? As soon as FK recovers from his memory loss about our meetup way back when ( :P ), maybe we could meet up again. I am in town from Wednesday to Sunday

        Well, I'm actually in Toledo, OH... It's a good 3 hour drive or so to Cinci. I probably won't be there any time soon- but possibly later this year we could all set up a time and get together. That'd be fun, I'd love to meet some other /.-ers.

  • *bursts into tears* FK doesn't remember who I am any more... waaahhh!!

    I'll be back in Cincy on Wednesday. :P
    • *bonks head repeatadly*

      Oh yeah.... heh. We could get together sometime this week if you'd like (though I have a big presentation to do during the evenings and I'm taking my son to the aquarium sometime on Saturday)...
  • I've met Perfessor Multigeek, Nave Weiss (wow!), LPetrazickis (see my journal for my account of our wild weekend!), Zach_Kessin (I knew him way back when, haven't seen him in ages), and Bieeardo, who isn't around here much anymore. I'd like to meet SolemnDragon and Ethelred Unraed, and Tomble and I are tentatively working on meeting plans. :)

    What's Slashdot for besides meeting other like-minded weirdos? *grin*

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