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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Star Wars Review: No Spoiler Version! 5

I'm still banned today, so I will give out two version. The non-spoiler for those who want a heads up, and my thoughts on the movie and stuff I caught.

This review is completely safe as there are no spoilers.
I came to the movie seeing two trailers and hearing gossip about how the reviews were good. This brought my expectations up pretty high.
All in all, it was a Star Wars movie. Its what we were expecting out of the first one. It belongs with the original three. It wasn't the best, but it belongs in the franchise (unlike the first two). What is so great about it? It doesn't cater to kids, at all. Simple as that. The comic relief is minor and adult. No Jar-Jar crap from the first one, no C3P0 crap from the second one. The dialog still wasn't fantastic, but it was much better than the first two. Anakins transformation makes sense, the action was intense, nothing came across as trendy or over the top (a la anakin accidentally destroying the head ship in EpI). It ties up almost every hole between the original trilogy and this trilogy. All in all, a good movie. You definately should go see it.
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Star Wars Review: No Spoiler Version!

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