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  • I've been sitting here all morning staring at lists of ODBC error codes trying to tie the meaningless gibberish strings SQL Server spits out to Enterprise Manager to the actually useful codes my application will be seeing, and now this.

    As if I weren't depressed enough already about my life, you just had to kick a guy while he was down. At my age, Orson Welles was terrifying millions of simple folk, and I'm staring at "Integrity Constraint Violation" and translating it to "SQLSTATE" codes.

    I'm going home, a
  • "You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!"


  • When you said "you are all worthless", you didn't mean me, right?
  • I have, by my age:

    written more than two dozen short stories which more than two people who Are Not My Mum actually liked;

    written more than two hundred poems which pass the same criteria;

    painted three paintings which are hanging in Someone Else's Home, framed and matted;

    rescued 1 kitten from crippling circumstances and given her a happy life;

    tipped waitstaff more than 7000 times (i don't get out much);

    taken care of 3 children for more than 1 year each;

    written more than 36 songs;

    written to my congress
  • by mekkab ( 133181 )
    and GBTW- and I mean all of you!
    • I agree. Mekka, I need to see you in my office.

      The rest of you, coffee break is over. Get back to work.
      • lemme guess; "you've done some good work at this company, Mekka. I see great things ahead of you. And by 'great', I mean 'in about 6 seconds these security guards are going to forcibly escort you from the building.' You might want to polish up your resume. And for the record, we know about the pens."

        Something like that?
        • No, nothing like that.

          More of a "Mekka, thanks for polishing this turd as well as you have, however, the sand paper you are using is too gritty. Keep up the good work. Oh, and get me some coffee, two sugars, 1 cream. Thanks."
  • Sup.

    Did you ever look at my resume there FK? :) I sent it about 2 years ago!
  • I know I've wasted my life when I see this:

    Conceptual artist Piero Manzoni crapped in 90 small cans which were then factory sealed and offered for sale at the price of gold.
  • At age 0:

    Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.

    Hah! As far as I know, my mother is also a virgin.

    (Baby) Evans, daughter of Mrs. T.W. Evans, became the first child to be born in an airplane. The first children to be born in a car, covered wagon, boat, etc., were also born at this age.

    By eight weeks of age, Christian Friedrich Heinecken was speaking intelligible German. Many children can't even speak English at that age.

    At six months of age, William J. Sidis, Jr., the son of a psychiatrist, knew the

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