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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Signs... 13

M. Night Shyamalan's Signs

I have been waiting MONTHS for this movie to come out. I've been a Shyamalan fan since Unbreakable (sure, I loved Sixth Sense, but didn't realize they were written/directed by the same guy for a while). Shyamalan is absolutely brilliant in the way he writes, and the direction has been exquisite. He was on Stern this morning, and really seems like a cool guy. He didn't seem "to good" or egotistical, even though he's been so highly successful.

I even convinced my wife to come with me, because she hasn't stopped hearing about the movie since I first saw the trailer (which was sometime like last December or January). She, usually, won't go to see a movie even if it SEEMS like it'll be scary, but she'll stick with me, and even leave Joey with the inlaws (btw - off topic, but Joey's now sleeping in his room instead of the cradle in our room). I'll be seeing it Saturday afternoon, and will tell everyone my review on Monday.
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  • I absolutely hate scary, suspenseful movies, but I didn't realize that this was the same person who did Unbreakable. I loved that film. Maybe Signs will be one of the few (very, very few) good scary movies.

    My boyfriend has been wanting to see it anyway. I'll go while it's still light out, though. :)
  • I, for one, am getting sick of twist endings. I hope MNS decides to play this one straight..

    Now, about that lameness filter. I type about 100 WPS. I also get bored quickly and want to post more than once every 2 minutes sometimes. I can write up a thoughtful paragraph or two in under 2 minutes. But nooo, slashdot doesn't believe that. To punish the trolls, they must punish us all. And i don't think thats right. Does anyone else think thats right? So here i am typing for another 120 seconds just to make sure this text doesn't up and disappear on me... there is no purpose to this paragraph except to waste time. I hope you've enjoyed it.
    • At 100 WPM, it's easy to make mistakes. Very often i will skip entire punctuation marks and proper capitalization. Don't even get me started on spelling. Yet, if i actually did type 100 WPS, i'd be very famous and probably end up on the tonight show. I'd also have a burning case of carpal tunnel syndrome which would really suck. Yep. That would suck.
      • I also believe that every movie shouldn't necessarily have a twist ending, otherwise you expect it, and it doesn't really have the full value of being a twist. I just love it when I think that the movie is basically over and then has a twist that surprises me. It's awesome when the movie seems to have stereo typical storyline and finishes off with a completely unimaginable twist. It's brilliant.

        In fact, I noticed that when I watched Star Trek Voyager, some of the episodes became predictable because my dad would always ask, "What time is it? Oh, ten more minutes, obviously they'll [insert predictable ending].". It was so annoying. However, when we don't know the time and it really feels like the end, it gives the writers/producers/directors greater freedom to keep us on the edge of our seats. When I forced everybody to not tell me the time during a show, I began to enjoy Voyager much more, and appreciate the apparent complexity.

        For what it's worth, I believe that it would benefit you greatly to use that time to edit posts, and spell out acronyms. When I read your post, I was wondering if you *really* meant, "words per second". I'm pretty sure that there are people arrogant enough to make that claim. However, I assumed that you meant "words per submission". Either way, it wasn't what you meant.

        The best reason that you would want to edit your post, is because it saves other people time. They should edit their posts, because it saves you time.

        I hope my suggestion doesn't come across as rude.
    • honestly, I think they should kill the "ever two minutes" thing (and the "20 second" thing), and just force a preview before posting (like submitting a story). That way, if you want to post quickly, you just have a two click deal, and, if you are like me, and want to defend your position, but only check slashdot ever so often, you can do it all at once, instead of spending 10 minutes waiting between posts.
      • Regarding the preview thing, I wish that they would keep the preview button location in a consistent manner. Have you ever noticed that the preview button is on the left of the submit button, in certain situations? Once I quickly clicked the submit button, intending to click preview. It defeated the whole purpose, making both /. and me unhappy because of my poor editing. It was a loose-loose situation.
        • It was a loose-loose situation.

          I've heard of loose women and maybe even loose-loose women, but they all sounded like losers to me.

          Maybe you hit submit too quickly this time?

          =^) (This post was intended to be humor, please take it as such, I was kind of loose with the insults, you loser).
          • Maybe you hit submit too quickly this time?
            If only I could use that as my defense, but that would be lying this time.

            I think that if I could remember that "loose women are losers", then it'll help in the future. Thanks for the correction. I never seem to get it right.
            =^) (This post was intended to be humor, please take it as such, I was kind of loose with the insults, you loser)
            Oh, don't worry. I understood.

            Thanks. :^)
  • A brilliant movie paced to an interminable crawl. Glacial pace. I didn't even mind the big "twist" because I was glad there was finally some resolution to the damn movie!
  • If you would be so kind as to only speak about film quality, then I would appreciate it, and look forward to reading your review.

    I've never heard of this movie that you speak of. However because I saw "The Sixth Sense", I trust that it would be good. When I heard of "The Sixth Sense", I assumed that it was just another tough-guy-Bruce-Willis movie where he fights the invisble people that the kid sees. However, because I never watched/read any reviews, it turned out to be a totally unpredictable movie from beginning to end. Even the style/genre completely caught me off guard.

    What I'm trying to say is, please try not to mention any actors, events or length of the movie. All I want to know is:

    1.) Were the actors believable?
    2.) How significant were the morals and the belief systems, in the movie?
    3.) What other films were directed by the director and produced by the producer?
    4.) Would you recommend that I see this? If so, where? In the theatres, on dvd/video tape, or on cable, or else where?
    5.) Was there any sex or sex-like content in the movie?
    6.) Was there any violence that could have been avoided?
    7.) Were there any swear words?

    #2 is kind of important because I hate sitting through movies and shows that preach a different belief system. Sometimes I wonder how I ever stomach the Star Trek series. I've heard good things about Babylon 5, though. The major reason that I ask is because I want to give them a fair chance and watch the movie, if the morals and beliefs are there only to make a good plot, and not to make me feel like a villan for believing in certain things.

    I'm not that picky about #3, because I want to be open to new talent that comes out. I want to give them a fair chance, but if they already have a good track record, then I want to be able to let that influence me positively.

    #4 is probably the most relavent part. I'm only looking for your own opinion, and won't hold you to it. In other words, you won't see me come to you some time down the road and say, "How could you recommend a movie like that???", or "How could you not like that movie???". I totally respect it as your opinion only.

    #5, #6 and #7 seem like such goody-two-shoes types of questions, but I would really appreciate knowing ahead of time. I deliberately kept these in seperate categories because I realize that it won't make/break movie, even though it makes a difference. For what it's worth, I truly believe that violence in a movie is okay, when it is relavent to a movie. After all, the good guys have to fight to save the earth. I hate it when movies waste time desensitizing me with sex, swearing, and unecessary violence.

    Thanks for your time.
  • I too have wanted to see this movie since the preview came out, but my enthusiasm has died down a bit since then due to other movies that are in the pipe for release:
    xXx - Yeah, I'm a Vin Diesel fan. Sue me ;)

    Star Trex X - It's an even number, this time. It better not suck.
    The Adventures of Pluto Nash - I'm still waiting for Eddie to put out another good movie
    There is little else that seems interesting (for a self-professed Sci-Fi and Action buff...didn't you catch the patter?) coming up. see for yourself [imdb.com].
  • MNS was on tonight. I think they play it again at like 11pm or so, if you want to try to catch it. He wasn't on for long, but talks about how he made the movie and why he (gasp) tries to not use computers that much.

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