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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Unbelievable! 10

I haven't had a downmod since April 28th (and that ended with a score:2, not -1), have had a few upmods since, and, yet, I'm banned?

I'd write an email, but no one reads the moderation email box, I'm sure of it.

Oh well, no replies from me for a while, but I'll still post je's about the whole 'delimma' situation as it plays out...
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  • Try getting a different IP, and seeing if you can post that way.
  • I get downmodded all the time yet I never get blocked.
  • You can always reply to JE comments by editing the original JE.
    That sucks though
  • if by "unbelieveable" you mean "believeable", then YES! Its "unbelieveable!"

    Its not a customer-service oriented website, Its slashdot!

  • When I was blocked a few weeks ago, it was my cable modem's IP block. I could post fine from work (even on the back-up cable modem line there).

    It's just /.'s practice of using thermonuc-U-lar weapons when they should be using a precision sniper.

    • much agreed, the /. ban system is indeed a scorched earth system, to block one user they block 255 others, just in case they can randomly reset thier modem etc to get a new ip...
  • So now you have time to work on!




  • Karma is a bitch. Just kidding. Slashdot has a problem more than ever with bad posts but I know you are not part of that problem. A big part of the problem is that it is easy to get modded-up for bad reasons but if you go against the norm, regardless if you are right, it is easy to get modded down.
  • I'd write an email, but no one reads the moderation email box, I'm sure of it.

    If you were a subscriber and complained about getting banned for no apparent reason, instead of no reply to your email you'd get a snotty reply arguing "facts" not in evidence (in my case, it was "excessive downmods" that didn't actually exist). That's the extra service that $5 buys you. :-P

    I think 1000 monkeys banging away on keyboards would do a better job around here than the staff.

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