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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Delimma, Part II 11

This weekend was mothers day and Joey's 3rd birthday party (turns three tomorrow). Tons of stuff to do this weekend (including spending several hours with my brother and father building his new swingset).

And the whole time my mind is totally preoccupied with my big choice coming up.
Now, I should mention that this isn't a bad thing and I'm not upset with it. Either way I go, I end up being in a good position. It can be a turning point in my life, or it can be the same old (but still a fantastic position)...

Today is my big interview. I came in on the grocier's side. I figure I can go much higher there, even though its a slower rise. I get to stay at home, be less busy, etc...

Then I get an email this morning from my consulting firm. Its from the VP:
Josh, I'd like to talk to you about taking a leadership role in the (technology I've specialized in), can we have lunch tomorrow?

Wonder if he got wind of it, or this is just what is going on... the one thing that'd pull me back. Damnit, this is setup to make it the hardest choice I have to make.... no one is making it easy on me...
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The Delimma, Part II

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  • I think you have the right mind set. Just keep reminding yourself that there isn't a wrong decision in all of this.

    When I have to make decisions amongst things that are in the end about equal it aggrevates me to no end. I want for there to be a distinct better option so I know I made the 'right' (read better ) decision. So when these come along I try and tell myself it doesn't matter, both are smart decisions and good ones, so even if there is a 'better' that I don't know about, it's not going to be tha
  • work in IT, and post frequently on a prominent site with references to you real name and specific details of your job situation.

    People there must be at least aware of "FortKnox", right?

  • Which one is best for you (and by extension, <whichever> employer) long term?

  • That's why they make binary dice! Assign a company to matching and the other in non-matching. Throw them and it you get two 1s or two 0s, go with the matching. if you get a 1 and a 0 or a 0 and a 1, go with the non-matching. Easy! ;-)
  • Make sure that both companies give you some time to think about it and get back to them. Then, go off somewhere, do something completely unrelated (Firecrackers, rock-climbing, something to clear the head), then think about it when you're done.

    As grub said, "NO MATTER WHAT you choose, don't look back and don't ask "what if...""
  • Pick something important that will change (time with family) and assign a (1-5) value to it for both jobs (Job A means less time with kids over job B; Job A gets a 1 and Job B gets a 5). Then assign values to everything else (big piles of money, commute time, etc) and add up the numbers. Assuming you assign all the values right, one should be a fairly clear winner over the other (hopefully :-) ) Don't undervalue how stressful a job will be, unless part of your life plan is to die early from a heart attack.
  • i'll give you easy.
    sell everything and buy beer.
    well, except your family. i may be generally amoral, but some things Must Not Be Done. but then at least your hardest choice is ale or lager or stout or bock or pilsner or...crap. scratch that idea. it was a knee jerk response anyways.

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