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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Parenting: "Hey, there's rocks in there!" 12

Just an FYI... I'll be using the "Parenting" subtitle for JE's that involve stuff only parents would talk about (kids vomit... kids toilet habits, etc...), so if you have a weak stomach, feel free to skip.

Any parent with a child old enough to start trying to potty train can tell you that you have to come up with a word for crap. Its usually what the kid describes it as, and you have to go with it, cause, well, this is an exercise in potty training, not in vocabulary.

Joey's been semi potty trained for a while. He just kinda started holding it in, so we went for it. He goes pee to the potty, no problems. He has for a while. Of course, we still diaper him for naps and overnight. He doesn't pee during naps, he usually does overnight. So what we have been working on (for what seems like forever) is getting him to take a dump on the toilet. Its been a long road, but he is really starting to catch on. The first time he did it, he looked into the potty and said "HEY! There's rocks in there!", so Joey's word for crap is "rocks." Its really amusing, cause of the way he says it (which I can't describe... maybe I'll get him to say it in a mic or something someday). Anywho, last week he had the runs, but still was mostly able to hit the toilet instead of his diaper, which is pretty impressive seeing as he was feeling like crap (no pun intended). So I told him if he 'put his rocks in the potty' two more times, I'll get him a new Thomas[1] Train piece (the wooden tracks... an expensive hobby, but its good for us, because we only get pieces rarely so they are of high value to him). We went to Toys 'R Us (which has a demo out) and he picked out the Car Wash and every afternoon around the time he needed to go to the bathroom, he'd tell the wife "Get a Thomas car wash!" so we knew he was really catching on. He counted out his 'two times' which he did great (in fact, I don't think he's gone in his diaper since!), so we went out and got his car wash (which he played with for hours, so I am told). He has two smaller starter sets, so I bought some expansion tracks that include splits and such that I will either give him the next few times he goes potty, or will wait and give it to him on his birthday (5/10).

It appears only a few more weeks before we can toss out one set of diapers :-D

[1] For some strange reason, Joey calls "Thomas" (tom-ass) the romantic language way (toe-mas). No idea where he got it, but I am saying it now, so I guess he isn't going to change it to the english version.
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Parenting: "Hey, there's rocks in there!"

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  • Is what Kiddo sometimes calls "junk" or "trash."

    I'll never forget the day in art class when we'd gone to a Halloween party beforehand where Kiddo had been permitted to indulge in all kinds of sugary snacks. She was *completely* hopped up -- it was very disturbing to see.

    In any case, once we got to art class, she ran back and forth bringing me bits of paper from under the art table, yelping, "I'm bringing you crap and junk! I'm bringing you crap and junk!!"

    I'm *sure* she learned it from me griping abou
    • Between many potty training books (My Big Boy Potty for example) using poop, and our not caring, that's our word too.

      Used to be he would use the potty sometimes if we asked, but in recent months he's decided he's not going to tell us anything. We have to have good sniffer noses to even tell if his diaper's dirty. Well, sometimes. Other times it's really obvious, but we still get:

      "Have you pooped?"
      "No. Me no poopy diaper."
      (pulls back of diaper open...WHEW!) "Yes you do!"

  • When the oldest got the hang of potty training, one day she comes running out of the bathroom saying, "Come see dad!" As I walk over to see her "poop creation" she says, "It's green!" Sure enough, through some wacky combination of food/fake coloring/whatever, it was a strange shade of green. Sadly I didn't have a camera handy so I could share with everyone later.
  • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
    Had a puker last night. We're dragging a bit today, especially the wife who stayed up with him.

    I think we just call it "poop"
  • One woke up screaming, which woke the other one up. The first one power puked on mommy, which resulted in what I call, "The puke dance" where we act like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to get the puke off the kid, the clothes off the kid, and the kid in the bath. Not 30 seconds after she runs the first one into the bath, the second one starts doing the 'herky-jerky'. I pick him up and get him out of bed just in time for him to power puke on me, resulting in a second round of the afore mentioned d
  • Our 2 y/o just calls it poop. He calls cars 'dautchuss' though. No idea where that came from.
    • dautshuss == dodges (?)
      • hrmmm that's interesting. We DO own a Dodge mini-van. I bet he heard someone point out that it was a Dodge right when he was wondering what to call it. It's funny, all cars, trucks, semis, motorcycles, everything with wheels is a "dautshuss" except for 'buss'. He will happily point out any buss he sees.
  • Check out Squirrel Tracks [] for your Brio compatible train sets. TRU sells 'Imaginerium' branded sets that are decent quality. Don't buy via eBay. Most of those cheap sets are composed of waste and subpar pieces that were destined for one of the big names.

    Skip the Thomas Roundhouse. Way, way, way expensive. Get the Maxim or Eichhorn. I got lucky and picked up an Imaginerium one last winter while working at TRU. $20 with 10% off. (Thomas is ~$85)

    We track Joe's progress with stickers on a chart in the bathro
    • We track Joe's progress with stickers on a chart in the bathroom. Ten poops, and he gets a trip to Baskin Robbins. He picked up on that real quick.

      Cooool idea! Will have to try that one out (and its much cheaper, too) ;-)
    • Hey... that site has plans for a train table! I just may have to do that (I have the wood and everything)! It'd be the perfect gift for him for his birthday!
  • Katherine is in the middle of potty training as we speak. When she needs to pee she'll tell Kerry or myself, "I have to use the potty" or "I have to go pee."

    However, when it's time for poop, she'll say "I'm doing poop!" Which, of course, is the cue for the nearest adult to fly with her to the potty as fast as humanly possible while trying not to bonk her head in the door frame. 9 times out of 10, though, not only wasn't she already doing anything, but there's nothing to do on the pot, either. She's sti

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