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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Genius?!? 30

OK, so I took another IQ test from, which gives you a 13 minute test, emails you the results and on the 'results page' asks for money for your whole profile (sneaky lil'bastards).

Anyway, my score? 148!! That makes me a genius. Which is why I think this test is utter bubkis! I'm not saying I'm dumb, but I am, in no way, a genius.
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  • Maybe they make the test give higher results so that people will more likely buy the rest of the results. Something like that.
  • What's the cutoff for Super-Genius?

    When making a pressure cooker out of a rabbit hole, what vegetables do you add?
    • What's the cutoff for Super-Genius?

      Well, that's a completely different test. First you take a 16-ton weight . . .

    • "High Genius" is 166
    • i'm dumb, could you explain your sig to me? :)
      • i'm dumb, could you explain your sig to me? :)

        Big-Oh notation is used to discuss the asymptotic run times of different algorithms. Something touted as O(log n) [typically you'd add modifiers for discussion like about worst case, best case, or average case] would run better than something O(n). The n [typically] refers to the input size, so as that grows so does the running time, the question is: does it grow linear or exponential? Thus I'm refering to just not fitting in, whether it be expectations of work speed, or just social differences. I'm also making a comment since it's nearly impossible to do something in log n time. Well, I should say something useful - you could just fire back "output the first log n elements of the array." But for real world things it's difficult to not have to touch every element in your input (exceptions being when input is known to be sorted, but who really wouldn't verify that sort of thing, it takes only O(n) time to verify something is sorted) thus I'm poking fun that the world I deal with has un-real expectations and I'm just working as fast as physical limits allow. Make sense?
        • Heh, your explanation of Big-O is better than mine. I just say, "Its a CS thing for measuring the speed/effectiveness of algorthims. I took a class on it once, and have forgotten it since the minute I finished the exam." ;-)
          • ...I took a class on it once, and have forgotten it since the minute I finished the exam." ;-)

            I had two undergrad classes and two grad classes on the subject. Well, not all of it was "What does big oh mean," rather we got into Akra-Bazi method and other fun things for linear reccurences, GA stuff (that means we had to delve into probabilisitic and all that), who could forget TM and NTM fun times, all that and many many more things. But I hope I haven't forgotten anything 'cause although my classes are done I've still got this thesis crap haning over my head and I want to get out of this degree!
          • > "Its a CS thing for measuring the speed/effectiveness of algorthims.

            >I took a class on it once, and have forgotten it since the minute I finished the exam."

            Hmmm... would you perchance be a Java programmer?!?
            • I hope that's just a joke (if you read my bio, you'd know that I'm currently employed as a J2EE programmer), but if its not and its a flamewar you want, I've got my rally-cap on, so flame away.
              • > Employed as a J2EE Consultant
                > BS Computer Engineering, June 2000
                > Have a wife and newborn.

                didn't know that... you are kinda new, dude... graduated in 2000, not an old fart like me.

                about the java, it was kind of both a joke and pun... forgive me, but every damn java guy I know is a kid that does not give a rat's ass about fundamental concepts of SE like complexity analysis, data structures and stuff... kinda sad.

                Hope things are different up there.

                (ah, no need to flame, just an old fart's rant)
                (and I hope your post about forgetting it right after the exam is a joke too. Of course all that math is kinda forgettable in the real world, but the ability to avoid shitty algorithms is fundamental)
                • Nah, I learned the complexity analysis in school, and LOOVE data structures (call me odd, but I love making maps and using graph theory on them. Its almost a crazy hobby of mine).

                  Just, in the work I've been doing since sophamore year of college, I've been dealing with programs that don't need to worry about memory and CPU cycles much, so I, first, code something that works, then work out the bottlenecks with faster algorithms and such.

                  Don't get me wrong, I am a stickler on style, syntax, and patterns. Being still young in my company, I am usually asked to sit in on code reviews, cause I usually go through everyone elses code to ensure it follows the standards (like having the { at the beginning of its own line, not at the end of the line. That's one of my biggest pet peeves, and its our standard, so I can be an ass about it). So, yeah, I don't calculate big-o on any of my algorithms, but I don't code without using the techniques learned in all my engineering courses. ;-)
                  • > (like having the { at the beginning of its own line, not at the end of the line.

                    LOL, that one PISSES me off... id love to rip off the heads of dudes that do that... sometimes I need to analyze someone else's shit for bugs/performance and the first thing I do is to change it all, no matter how many time it takes. Simply can't stand

                    if(whatever) {

                    ugly as sin if ya ask me. wtf are these guys trying to optimze? number of lines? tsc.

                    • oh, and forgot to mention the fun when I say "hey, I changed some bits of yer code, check it out", and when they go diff my changes everything diffs because of the bracket thingies and they get all pissed off... BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Gotta love that.
  • I saw one online IQ test where they gave the stats on the results of people taking their test, and the median was 115! On one hand, this seems to indicate that the test is too easy because the median should be 100. On the other hand, maybe for some reason more smart people happened to find this web page. There's really `no way to know -- and without a way to keep track of this, it seems to me that it's almost impossible for an free online IQ test to be accurate (you could uplicate an existing test with a long track record if you could convince the copyright holders)

  • Yea, I took the test. Finished in 9 minutes. Also got 148. As I have pointed out before, I have an IQ of 134 (from my Mensa exam). 134 is "borderline genius" according to the email I got, which I believe is correct from other scales I have seen. Just below the genius mark :) . Hopefully, I can pick up 2 or 3 points in my life to make it all the way :)

    So, I agree that these scores are inflated. On the plus side, since we scored the same, that would imply you have a 134 IQ and can get in Mensa! Might want to look into it!
    • One problem with Mensa tests, is that they tend to be so biased to towards a particular culture. In other words, if you don't have a big vocabulary, you can't be considered a genius. To add insult to injury, I've been told that they can be quite subjective in how they mark the exams.

      The sample exams that they provide are nowhere near the same difficulty as the official ones. With the sample ones, sometimes there are questions that deal with images, while the official ones are *only* words, and words can be subjective when there is no dictionary.
  • i personally have never taken an IQ test, nor know how to interpret the results. I do know that something like below 60 is considered mental retardation, and someone else stated that 100 is considered the general median. What are the various thresholds? ie, what's considered genius? normal? etc...

    though there was that simpson's episode ... Homer, introducing family to Frank Grimes, "This is Lisa, IQ 110" "Hi!" "See...."
  • 152-genius, however the last real one I took 12yr ago gave me a 127, so I'm gambling this one is a little off.
  • And scored a bit higher than I usually do for these sorts of things. They are obivously trying to sell something and feel that inflating your ego is a better approach than crushing it.

    Would you be likely to buy anything from them if it said that your IQ was 27? I guess that if you believed that it was, then you might feel that you are dumb enough to give them your money.

    • Yeah, I'm not so sure it's anything but luck that my 159 is quite close to the score I got on the test I took when I was 5.

      Or maybe, since they're inflating it, I've just gotten dumber over the years...

  • A genius would not be taking these tests any way, they already they are one, why prove it.
  • Mensa has an online test to evaluate whether it would be worthwhile to take their real test.

    Don't sell yourself short. Personlly, Ive tested at between 125-130, so I could probably pass the Mensa test on a good day. I would categorize most of the computer science profs I've run into to be at genius level. You need a high IQ to make it through CS, and even more so at masters or PHD levels.

  • I couldn't take this IQ test becuse it is blocked by my place of employment as being fun, but I scored 140 on the emode test.
  • MENSA places the cut off at 160, on Jeopardy they had it at 150, but a MENSa member answered 160 and after doing a lookup they have to give it to them so. . .

    I am 156. :( :( :( heh, 4 points short!!
  • I didn't care about real results. I answered randomly and scored 103. Maybe the average person has no thought, is just random, but my guess is that your score has little correlation to your responses and actual performance. The questions are also ridiculously dumb.

Any given program will expand to fill available memory.