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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Posting is now SAFE!! I have been banned!!! 25

One of the perks of the moderation system now-a-days is removing the 'karma +1' from people if they've had X number of downmods. That's also how banning works.

Now feel free to take a gander at my posting history. I participated in troll tuesday, and got caught in it, so I have one score:-1 in there. The person didn't stop there, but found my previous last 4 messages and downmodded those all, too. So that's how I lose my "+1 karma bonus". But, being someone who tries to bring slashdot think people to their senses, I decided to post this in a YRO article. Dumb idea, because the people taht post and mod in YRO articles are the worst. You'll see that I posted at score:1 but am STILL at a higher score (atm, score:3). The problem is, that I got modded to score 5 and down to 4 and back up to 5 and so on in a rollercoaster enough that when the slashdot logic counted how many downmods I had (you had upmods, too? Tough shit!), it was enough for a ban.

I dunno if this is the simple 1 day ban, or the infamous "1-4 weeks". So I guess you won't be hearing from me for a while.

But don't worry... Taco doesn't think the moderation system is broken....
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Slashdot Posting is now SAFE!! I have been banned!!!

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  • Slashdot is THE reason why Open Source won't work. Can't work. Petty dictatorships, goon squads, people who care waaay to much about stupid little shit, and a general trampling on the masses by the "elite few"- gee, sounds a whole lot like they've become the very enemy they hate.
    • I like how you snuck the subliminal message in the Subject telling Josh that he should use the time he's saving by not being able to post to slashdot to finish up so we won't have to put up with it anymore. :-)
      • Way to let the cat outta the bag, my man! ;)

        Subliminal Sandwiching (Asbestos Lead Asbestos!) would have me starting off every sentence with a capital letter that spelled out UNREAD. But I didn't have any time for that.
        • 8-)

          I remember the time I had a FIDOnet point and posted a bunch of messages in one echo, where the first letter of each message spelt out a (long) sentence. Took me forever to create enough messages to get the whole thing in there...

          Anywho, when the fuck is UNREAD going to be done???
          • I remember FIDO net; I was in high school. I also remember having enough free time to do crazy stuff like that.

            Anywho, when the fuck is UNREAD going to be done???
            I dunno man. I think desperate times call for desperate measures. Somebody gotta host it (or kick in a few bucks to pay for hosting), somebody gotta code it *(maybe start with slashcode, fork it, sourceforge and CVS it), somebody gotta administrate it (its easy enough to steal stories from other on-line aggregators and blogs).

            Perhaps the best
        • It's genocide, can't you see?
      • ...finish up

        That weird little pattering noise you hear is everyone touching their noses at the same time.

  • This is the sort of thing why I won't subscribe to Slashdot - it's not worth actual money because:

    - Arbitrary bans (I've never been banned or lost my +1 bonus, but I still think the way it's done sucks).
    - No M2 on Overrated/Underrated mods. You can use Underrated as a punishment tool.
    - Dupes. Say no more.
    - Editors who aren't editors: they let the article go through with bad URLs, URLs that require logins (NYT et al), language that doesn't make sense.

    I enjoy bits of Slashdot - there is usually a good discu
  • I got about 20 -1 Troll, -1 Flamebait downmods in the last few days (7 just yesterday) and I'm still at Karma: Excellent.

    The only factors I can think of are:

    1. contrary to what the faq says, upmods to +5 Funny actually do count, which would go along with my prior experience w. +5 funny mods
    2. If you post enough, the "slashdot math" probably has some code in it that says "x number of upmods in n hours == no karma hit". This would simplify their karma calculations, therefore less of a server hit;
    3. there may a
    • I've come to suspect that certain people with a "history" on Slashdot have become more vulnerable to down moderations and benefit less from up moderations. Sort of like $rtbl's nasty sibling.

      That, or perhaps they're playing with a lot of moderation system changes that are wreaking havoc on the scores and making them so erratic.

      Either way, I watched my karma slowly crawl back up to good, then suddenly get dropped to positive, then take a single -1 to neutral, then a good 5 or 6 up to.... neutral.

  • Seriously.
    Understand what I am trying to tell you.
    Nothing you do will change this.
    Remember the journal community is here.
    Everyone else gave up a while back.
    And, you get to keep low bloodpressure.
    Don't you see this? Come on man!
    Just let it go man.

    When you go against the grain, expect to get slapped occassionally.

    Yeah, they abuse the system.

    So don't participate in their system.

    Fuck them is what I say.

    Listen to Mekka.
  • For some reason I haven't received mod points for well over a year now, even with excellent karma and a history of dutifully meta-modding 3-4 times a week.
    I've emailed the /. staff several times but haven't received a reply. Typical I know.......

    • You've ticked off the preference for "willing to moderate", right?

      If not, there's the possibility that you're a statistical anomaly. Or maybe you moderated up a comment that the editors didn't like and so you'll never moderate again?
      • Yep, I've got 'willing to moderate' check.

        You're 'editor revenge' reason is probably more likely. I can't remember the exact circumstance but a couple of years ago I slightly ticked off an editor........

  • Maybe now unread will make some progress! ;-p

The solution to a problem changes the nature of the problem. -- Peer