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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Editor Tactic: Double Ignore! 10

Ok, so I accidentally reload slashdot and notice a new article that is queued up (using my membership plume by a kind soul that bought me this membership), and notice immediately that its a dupe. I immediately run over to my email, and fire off an email to the address provided. It forces an email subject as the subject of the article in question, so I just put this in my email:
Dupe of

Simple, eh? Well, a good 15 minutes (probably more pass) and it got published anyway! Its one thing for Slashdot editors not to read their own sites and request that people who paid for slashdot (although, I didn't pay, someone paid for me) to help them find dupes... its a complete other thing to ALSO IGNORE THE EMAIL ADDRESS SET UP FOR THEM!

Sweet lord, what in the hell do those editors do? Just giggle and hit the 'decline' button on all the stories submitted all day?
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Slashdot Editor Tactic: Double Ignore!

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  • ... to see the "mysterious future".

    There's a bug in their code (I know, so what else is new). They load a story then mark it as not viewable. If you access the front page between the time the story was loaded, and the time it's marked as non-viewable, you get to see the story.

    Of course, trying to post to it gets you a "Nothing to see here ...", but at least you have time to write up a "frost pith".

    - or - "Look - it's a bug AND a feature!"

    (guess they never heard of default values)

  • One also wonders why the original was posted under "Hardware". Although given some of the CPUs and video cards that have been discussed lately, a tabletop fusion device might not be so irrelevant...
  • I often wonder if there are so many dups because searching for anything on /. is simple a futile endevor. Even using google site: search I find it hard to find anything on here. So maybe the mods can't even find the dupped articles.
  • stop reading the front page. :-)
  • Any time I have submitted anything to the editors, or asked a question, my messages and all go into the void. I gave up trying to help a long time ago.

    • Depends on the editor. There are a couple that do respond.

      Timothy, for example, not only makes the proofreading corrections I send to the daddypants address -- he responds to my e-mail with a thank you.
  • I catch spelling errors ALL the time on the main page. They don't even take the time to fix those, although they are readily apparent. I don't know what monkey they have checking the email or actually proofreading the stories, but they're doing a shitty job.

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