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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I hate waiting... 13

Ugh... this waiting stuff sucks, especially when you know important decisions are going to be made in the next two weeks, possibly.

Ok, I told you a while ago that I took training for a specific technology a while ago. Well this technology is very important to my company now. And the guy in charge may be leaving. This leaves me wide open as a possible person to take his position (I am one of two people to take the formal training in the tech, and the other guy is in the position for another tech).

There are some issues, though. This isn't an open and shut kinda thing. The position is a high management position in the company. This means you put someone high in the company in it. Well, I just got promoted to the lowest 'senior' level position. The after senior levels are principle levels. So its a bit of a reach to come down to me. However, I am the most knowledgable person in the technology, and this is position is basically the tech person for the technology, which makes it easier to pick me.

I learned this when the co-owner of the company told me about it and wanted a list of others with this tech... and now I'm being told that they are considering me the first person into a client with this tech. The first person into a client is a job of a principle.... so I'm starting to think this a test to see if I've got the skills to do the job. This would be a massive massive promotion for me. Less than six months ago I was the lowest guy in the totem pole for my practice... I have the opportunity to jump up to one of the higher guys in the company now...

But this will probably take a week or two before everything is sorted out. And nothing is set in stone at all (including the guy leaving), so I could be getting worked up for nothing....

I hate waiting...
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I hate waiting...

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  • where's UNREAD!?!?!? ;-)

    I hope you get it, that would be really cool. It's great to see people get ahead by hard work, rather than stepping on coworhers to try to get ahead.

  • This is no time to be timid, dude! You need pix of every possible competitor, and every person who has a hand in making the decision, along with barnyard animals/hookers/etc.
  • Good luck! I know how difficult it is to wait for something like that, but at that same time you are also trying not to get your hopes up too high....especially since the guy may not even be leaving. UGH! I am sure that is frustrating!

    However, I am sending you lots of positive vibes and well wishes. Just remember that you are the best at what you do, and I'm sure your company recognizes that. :-)

  • ... don't forget all us little people.

  • You called it a management position. How's your management experience? How much management does the role entail? How many direct reports? Those are crucial questions. It is far far easier to find an outstanding, experienced manager of people, and put a few key technical resources under him, then to put a technical person in charge who has no substantial management experience.
    • Its probably more of a tech position than anythign else. But you have to be able to talk directly to clients (including managers) and be the technical expert during meetings. So technical experience trumps most of the management experience. I think all that is required is "the ability to be social in a business setting." And coming from the java group, I am very social in a business setting ;-).

      To get in more detail, each technology has 2 people. A tech guy and a business guy. The business guy is in
  • With the unfortunate patience building lead-up. I'll be praying that things go smooth.

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