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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Emode = Great Time Waster 17

Emode.com is a great place to waste time. I used it for its IQ test (someone pointed me to it), and ended up doing a dozen tests about myself. Quite an interesting site, but if you want a "detailed" report of yourself, it'll cost ya $15.
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Emode = Great Time Waster

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  • I LOOOOOVE tests like this. I'm really not sure why I like to be compartmentalized like that. But now I'm completely sure that I'll find out everything to know about my IQ, career choices, and the state of my internal goddess...

    Where to start...where to start...

  • I took the IQ test, and it rated my IQ at 135. When I took my application IQ exam for Mensa, I got 134. One point difference... that's pretty accurate!
    • I'm sure it's off. There's no way I've got double digits, much less 70! Wow! I smart is!

    • So that thing is really good? Is a 135 considered good? I'm just asking because I've never taken one of these before, and I probably could have done better if I hadn't been doing it while doing a few other things too, but I got a 133 and I'm trying to figure out how good that is. (And there were two questions I was just too tired to figure out, but we won't go there b/c I guessed and I might have guessed right.)
    • How long was the mensa test? Was thinking of doing that myself sometime.

      • I seem to recall it being two parts about an hour each...not too bad. I took it at my College. They had an annual testing day. I think they do one every year. It will probibaly be easier to track down a testing site on this day. It was between August and December, but I don't remember exactly when. Try us.mensa.org for details.

        When you do become a member (I am sure you will), you get a newsletter and a magazine. There are several special interest groups in Mensa you can associate with. I never did any of that, but it is there if you want it. I mainly did it to see if I could. My membership has expired, but that isn't important to me.
  • It ranked me at 134 and the last time I was professionally tested, I was rated at 136. Pretty close.
  • I got a 135. I'm seeing that almost everyone here got about the same thing. Either:

    a. Test is complete BS, and tries to give you a higher/different score than you really earned in order to get you to shell out 15 clams.

    b. Somehow, a bunch of people with near identical IQ's read/reply to FK's journal.

    Let's have some real fun:

    It tagged me: Precision Processor.

    What is everyone else?

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