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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Cincinnati /. Meetup? 8

I dunno if I want to go to the local slashdot meetup.

On one side, I'm prolly one of the 'better known' slashdot personalities in the area.
On the other side, I'm prolly one of the 'most hated' slashdot personalities in the area.

I definately don't want to bring my wife to it (she's very anti-nerd-talk), and bringing Joey is completely out of the picture for reason #2.
Funny thing, though, is that it is within a mile of my house. If there is anyone that reads my journal willing to meet me at the Cincy meeting, I may reconsider; but, as of right now, I'm prolly not going.
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Cincinnati /. Meetup?

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  • by glh ( 14273 )
    I signed up for the one in Toledo, but we only had 3 or so people. I wasn't ever planning on going, but I thought the idea was kind of cool.

    I remember back in the BBS days. After a while I met up with some of the people that I used to chat with on the message forums all the time. Honestly, most of them were really nerdy/geeky (ok I was too, I admit). I even remember not chatting as much with some of them later because they just weren't the people I imagined them to be, and it seemed akward after that.

    I think the whole benefit of the "electronic frontier" is the fact that it is just that, and you can be anything/anyone you want to be. Since that is the case, I try to shy away from the "meeting someone online first and then in person" concept.. I have a feeling a lot of people who go to the meetups will probably feel the same way. On the other hand, since slashdot is such a large crowd and it is unlikely you will know hardly anyone from your local area, the disappointment factor may not be as high..

    On a side note, I have since broke my rule and met someone "online first and then in person". One of the situations turned out to be a depressing relationship for me (in high school), the other I ended up making the other person depressed (in college). Of course, that was more of the online dating concept which I am glad I abandoned because of the past history :) (by the way, I didn't meet my wife online)

  • I have a hard time believing you are one of the most hated. You have 100+ friends (like me!). The people that reply to your comments and journals seem to for the most part agree with you.

    I say go. You might have a good time, and I think there is very little to use. Don't tell people your /. nickname if it really bothers you that much. Personally, I would be happy to meet you (but as I am not from your area, that won't happen).
  • As somebody else pointed out, there is virtually no way for people to know who you are unless you tell them. Slashdot is a big crowd, and there is a chance that none of the people who go to the meetup will have ever heard of you. There is also a chance that somebody found out where you live, moved to be closer to you for stalking purposes and is going to use the meetup as an opportunity to beat you up. That's a risk you take.

    I'll bet that people don't dislike you as much as you think. Most of your freaks are blatant trolls. I don't know about you, but I think the type of person that trolls slashdot is less likely to be at a meetup than your regular slashdot geek type.

    I'll be going to mine (Minneapolis) mostly out of curiosity. Maybe I'll find it awkward and never go to another one, but I'm willing to give it a shot. And if you don't like it, you can always leave.
  • I'm really not up for going to a /. meet to sit around and talk about how MS sucks, Linux desktop apps and why I think they blow, and witty X misconfiguration anecdotes, so I'm very likely to miss the Palm Beach meetup. I barely make car meets, and I like cars.

  • I would go if I had a ride. I am in Cincinnati area (Norwood really).
  • If anyone has been paying attention, it wouldn't be hard to pick you out of the crowd. Visit Marotti and there are pics of you...

    As for violence, I don't think you have to worry about that. Most of the loud, obnoxious, threatening /.ers are 15 boys sitting in their parents basement because they are afraid of bully's outside. It has been my experience that the "tougher" someone is online, they weaker they are offline. I guess they come into /. and cause a ruckus to make up for not having a backbone offline. This isn't always the case, some people are @$$holes in both worlds, but they are the minority.

    I've also met people offline after chatting with them in cyberspace. Back in the BBS day, I frequented a BBS and met a guy that also spent time there. We started talking and decided to startup our own BBS. He had the spitfireBBS software, and I had hardware and phone lines. We SysOp'd this BBS for about 3 months together and decided it was time to meet IRL. I went to a bowling alley and this guy's parents brought him in. He was not at all like I pictured him. He was also very uncomfortable with face-to-face conversation. He was very well spoken online, but he could barely form a sentence offline. He wasn't a bad guy, but he wasn't someone I really wanted to be real life friends with. He obviously didn't feel the same way. He started calling everyday (he had my number beforehand because of the BBS, but had rarely used it) and it was just wierd. After about a year or so, I didn't even really want to run the BBS with him anymore, so that faded out. I don't know, sometimes it's better to keep it online.

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