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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Change the MS Logo? 11

I'm getting a touch sick of the MS logo, here.
I think everyone's getting on the same bandwagon since the "switched FROM linux TO MS" story. The idea is, "We need to stop worrying about MS, and start improving Linux." That means being more mature about how we view MS.

Anyhow, I'd like to try and think of a new logo for MS that isn't necessarily "wonderful" for MS, but just not as "evil" as the borg.

Any ideas?

If we can get something good, I'll try and see if Taco would consider changing...
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Change the MS Logo?

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  • The gates of borg logo is a bit immature.. even for slashdot.. okay, maybe not.
  • I think it should be something simple like the Windows logo. Everyone knows what it stands for and it's not like /. didn't rip off other logos from companies...<couhg>AOL Logo</cough>
    • Yeah, but I'm sure MS would come at them with some type of trademark threat (like Sun did with Java. Notice the java icon?).
      • Hmm, that's too bad. I wish that people would be allowed to use logos to refer to companies. If people are allowed to say, "Microsoft", in casual sentences, and news reports, etc., then why can't they use the logo in the same context?

        Oh well.

        Perhaps an icon with half of the "start" button?

        Perhaps an icon with just a generic "MS" or "M"?
    • I'm in agreement with you. They use the plain company logo for about a million other companies (IBM and Digital spring to mind) and even Apple hasn't (yet) sued over the Apple logo.

      If /. were in any way even-handed in their coverage (ignore remarks) I'm sure MS wouldn't mind.

      But, again, I must say that slashdot doesn't matter to MS. If it did, Billy would purchase VA, switch everything over to IIS, and close the rest.

  • It is an interesting logo, but it is childish. However, given the usual hatred of MS, slashdot is unlikely to ever report on them as doing something nice.

    So, if slashdot were to start reporting properly, then, as others have said, the Windows logo would be appropriate. Until then something Borgish is appropriate.

    I do with they would change it though. It was cute at first, but now it just seems childish.
  • How about just a picture of a scowling Steve Ballmer?

The bogosity meter just pegged.