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Journal FortKnox's Journal: What the duece?!? 13

Someone got me a subscription (I was writing to daddypants@slashdot.org telling them I could see the 'mysterious future' and I don't have a subscription when I decided to doublecheck)? I never got a note on it or anything. Musta gotten swallowed by my spam filter. Well big thanks to whoever gave it to me! :-)

Oh, and thanks for all the thank yous on the contest. I wish it woulda ended up better, but we all get to know who is who now and such. Email me if you want your image taken down and I will comply. To speed things up, give me who you are and what number you are and I will take them down when I can. I am going to Chicago tonight until Friday, so I may not get to it until Saturday.

For the record, the order the pictures are in are the order which they came to me (with me put into the middle randomly). I put the entire list into a hashmap (key == number, value == alias) and hashed it and that's where I got the random order of people when I randomized it. Cheap way of doing it, but it worked like a charm (next time I'll do it in alphabetical order as someone suggested before) :-D
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What the duece?!?

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  • ... and limit to those of us who were too busy^WLAME!!! (like me :-( who didn't get around to entering the last one ...
  • would it be difficult to get everyone to play by the same rules and do like a theme contest?

    Like....I don't know, can only send in pictures of you eating at a restaurant. Oooo oooo....or maybe like a photo scavanger hunt....put out a list of items, and specify your photo must include one or some of the items off of this list?
    • definately a cool idea. Something we could try in a month or two. Don't want to overdo it by forcing people to take more pictures just after this one finished.
      • There's enough coders around here (talented and otherwise) to put together a system for people to register their guesses directly at the site. That would be pretty cool.

        Of course, now that a hundred of us are already known, that theme idea is sounding better and better. Like maybe it could be a faceless photo contest.

        Oh, and since I didn't explicitly say so anywhere else yet, THANKS!!! I had a lot of fun with it, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one.
        • well, a lot of those folks were repeats from the last two contests. everyone looks a little different in every picture.

          And thanks FK!
        • There's enough coders around here (talented and otherwise) to put together a system for people to register their guesses directly at the site. That would be pretty cool.

          That was tried for the second photo comp, and it really didn't work as well as the first.

          As for themes, we've already tried a workstation and baby photo comp, with varying degrees of success...
  • you're running www.marotti.com on Apache/2.0.50 (Linux/SUSE).

    How about some stats [sourceforge.net]!

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