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Journal FortKnox's Journal: FotoKon 3: The Conclusion 146

Well, here's your list!

1 SomeWoman
2 Penguin Follower
3 the_mad_poster
4 neenee3
5 XopherMV
6 OverlordQ
7 js7a
8 jeepliberty
9 BWJones
10 daniil
11 shitface
12 TheConfusedOne
13 lithron
14 (H)elix1
15 elmegil
16 Mantorp
17 Alioth
18 btlzu2
19 johndiii
20 jawtheshark
21 bellus quies
22 ryanr
23 Enforcer999
24 Ashtead
25 lab16
26 gmhowell
27 Ethelred Unraed
28 nizo
29 M.C. Hampster
30 red5
31 Morosoph
32 NeMon'ess
33 Scott Lockwood
34 Ra5pu7in
35 dauthur
36 Tet
37 spoonyfork
38 bryanthompson
39 Oculus Habent
40 lpetrazickis
41 ellem
42 sam_handelman
43 sielwolf
44 samthebutcher
45 BandwidthHog
46 tuxette
47 Degrees
48 myAmygdala
49 HokieSeas
50 bethanie
51 TechnoLust
52 arb
53 andr0meda
54 CyranoVR
55 Pirogoeth
56 bhakiti
57 OctaneZ
58 BlackHat
59 RailGunner
60 http
61 Jeremiah Cornelius
62 Flamesplash
63 Real World Stuff
64 Safety Cap
65 slashchick
66 themusicgod1
67 Aridhol
68 dead sun
69 baldass_newbie
70 subgeek
71 Saige
72 insanecarbonbasedlifeform
73 sulli
74 Keith Russell
75 fortknox
76 blinder
77 GreyWolf3000
78 shadowspark
79 buffer-overflowed
80 glh
81 Dr.Zong
82 eno2001
83 ncc74656
84 SolemnDragon
85 mekkab
86 October_30th
87 fluffybacon
88 grub
89 GeckoFood
90 BethaniesHubby
91 Brainboy
92 Tsunayoshi
93 tenman
94 sparky4
95 KoriaDesevis
96 rdewald
97 Abm0raz
98 robi2106
99 Sloppy
100 eugene ts wong
101 LordBodak
102 Iamthefallen
103 turg
104 dexterpexter
105 Liora
106 Blazin
107 ces
108 *no comment*
109 peacefinder

All I can say is... KoriaDesevis, I have a feeling you are about to get an enormous amount of fans by the end of the day.

Hope everyone had fun. I should make a 'post-mortem' JE about the contest. It has grown much more than I thought. The first contest was less than 30 people. The way we did this one was fine for that size... but now its far too big. I'll have to come up with a better way next time... Oh well, ya live and learn, right? :-D
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FotoKon 3: The Conclusion

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  • I think I did pretty well. I got a bunch right that nobody else did that I've seen. Time to start counting...
  • Well - I'da never on some of these!

    FK only posted my first, "funny" pic. My wife swaers its pretty dead on.

    That's right, I said "wife" - sorry Koria! :-)

  • I'm sitting here with the list in one window and the photos in another, having all my misconceptions shattered. Some of you are older than I thought, some younger than I thought, some femaler than I thought, etc.

    Ooh, ooh, I finally get to find out who thought they were Michael Cai---- you punk.
  • Which made it great fun. Thx FK that was a gas.
  • Shit.

    dexterpexter im'ed me earlier and I kept referring to her like she was a d00d.


  • A space, my dear FortKnox, or should I say Fort Knox.

    Anyway, thanks for all of the effort on your part. It was fun. (A little crazy with that many people, though. :^)
  • Okay everyone, what were the clues in your photos?

    I'm #103 []. Photo #2 has the CN Tower in the background, establishing the location as Toronto. Photo #3 has my son. I think I'm the only Torontonian who's a father in the contest. Photo #4 has the 12-foot wide row house that was the subject of much conversation in November.
    • Clues: In my first picture, I'm wearing my brand new winter coat, just to remind you all that I live in MN where it can get fucking cold. The third picture shows me at graduation, which I talked about excessively in my journal because it was harder won than I thought it would be.
    • I'm #45 [].

      Photo #1 shows me piss drunk.

      Photo #2 shows me, umm, trying to look +1, Insightful?

      Photo #3 is the most clue-ridden, as it shows me A) driving a 240sx, and B) pre weight loss.

      Photo #4 is me in the midst of working way too much overtime while living on the road.

    • You mean you didn't get ALL of the clues in my photo??? Well, if you didn't see 'em, I'm sure not going to point them out to you now!! Sheez.... ;-)
    • Photo two had me walking toward a GTO. Photo three had me driving said GTO. I figured one with my toolbelt would be fodder for YMCA references.
    • You really have to ask?

      Oh, I see. Allll righty then.

      See, I went and got all tarted up as trashy as I could, and stopped short of actual pornography. I was doing my best to make fun of my /. "persona" as much as possible. I sure hope people didn't take me seriously. The pigtails were a bit of an homage, and if you don't get it, well, then, it's not worth mentioning.

      The foot is 1) me naked and 2) a play on "It's Funny. Laugh," which Ethelred kinda got.

      Oh, I counted, and it looks like I got 50 right.
      • Oh, I counted, and it looks like I got 50 right.
        That's IT??? You could only pick out yourself.

        I wouldn't be so fucking impressed.
      • FYI - Bethanies' first picture is what really got me laughing. I thought that it REALLY nailed her only persona, and poked fun at herself (and a bit at LG, but I don't think that was her intention).

        As far as me, I think its flat obvious. Jenna, Jenna + Steelers shirt, and the whole "Dress For Success" thing I've been doing... I avoided Joey cause, well, I've shown him so many times I thought it'd be more of a dead giveaway...
    • You already nailed mine - my giveaways were the Stryper shirt, and me playing the Jackson Rhoads with my former band (cropped out of the photo)

      It's amazing how many of my wife's friends are shocked when they first meet me, because with the long blonde hair (pic is a year old, and I haven't cut it save for a trim now and then) and during the winter I wear a black leather jacket... not at all the type you'd expect a cutie like my better half to end up with.

    • I thought that my clues were pretty straight forward but...

      Anyway, the law books in the background and the archaeological photo as me as the dirtiest (real dirt) archaeologist. Paleoethnobotany is a dirty job as you might or might not know. Hmm...I have a website where that picture came from. I will track it down.

    • Photo #1 [] - The rabble sayeth NAY!!!1

      I mentioned going to Italy in my journal. Perhaps I will actually write about the trip now that doing so won't "ruin" the contest. Jawtheshark got this one right away, btw. Damn Euros :)

      Photo #2 [] taken in the Galleria near Milan's Duomo Square, en route to the Giardino fencing club. No clue - I posted it as a shameless attempt to get me into someone's "TOP 5 HOTTEST!!!1" list. There, I said it! Don't judge me.

      Yeah, yeah MC Hamster, you can f*** off :P

      (On second t
    • I sometimes talk about flying in my JE. Although the lead in photo was just me and a tree, the other photos all had aircraft in 'em (well, the 4th has a Hawker Siddeley Trident 3 simulator, and a picture of me aged 12, but...)
    • heh, my clues were more like dead fucking give-aways... err... um only if you read my journal.

      i'm #76 []... and in the color picture i'm wearing a [SFB] t-shirt. just look at my journal subject headings when i post music. heh...

      the other two photos... those were taken by Sol, in my studio when we recorded this past january.

      but yeah... what with the drums, and guitars... and macs and what not... i mean... the only other way i could have made it easier is if i spray painted "i am teh blinder" on the wall in m
    • Everyone just picked the cutest guy and put my name by the pic. ;-)
    • This is me [].I like chocolate. I did mention once that I liked chocolate didn't I? Plus that first pic makes it look like my hair is growing back in after brain surgery. Though I had to throw in my old high school picture, not sure why. Random misleading clues, that in itself should have made it fairly obvious that this was me. Plus I was too lazy to make a picture just for the contest.
    • Clue #1 - My teenage son was in all three (albeit just his hands in the first). My daughter would have been, but she was at a sleepover. I've talked about them several times.

      Clue #2 - Wall full of anime and T-shirt for Witch Hunter Robin. Okay, so maybe I don't talk about it that much, but I am into anime and gaming (the PS2 and GC are down by the floor so you can't see them and there's a whole separate bookcase with the games and more anime).

      Clue #3 - Not so obvious, but I've mentioned working on my w
    • Do you have to ask? Every other JE of mine involves cooking/food ;-) /#46
    • I'm #103. Photo #2 has the CN Tower in the background, establishing the location as Toronto.

      No. The real clue was that you haven't changed much since photo contest 2 [] :-)

    • Okay everyone, what were the clues in your photos?

      My clues: a copyright on the photos immediately places me in Europe, with an interest in motorsports (and drag racing in particular). The pictures are all motorsport related, and one of them shows my long hair which I've mentioned here a few times.

      • Not to mention the Pontiac firebird. Which is what clued me in.
        • Not to mention the Pontiac firebird.

          Close, but no cigar. It's a '79 Camaro. The Firebird has a slightly different nose, it (usually) has the duck tail -- and a bigger engine, of course. Either way, it's still an immensely rare car to see on UK roads, it's massively bigger than anything else on the roads over here, and it sounds great through a pair of minimally restrictive exhausts...

    • I'm #14 [] I spent some quality time in India the first part of the year. Posted quite a few journal entries, but came to realize (after the fact), that most of the entries were comments in other folks journals. I figured the phone number on the kebab stand was a dead give away. That, and since I did it last time I figured it would be an easy guess for those who did it last time.

    • I was #62 []. The first picture is of me rock climbing indoors over the summer. I mentioned this in my JE, iirc. Also the picture is completely posed, if you see the holds with the arrow of tape under them, those are where you start, so I'm actually kneeling on the floor. It's all about perspective ;o)

      The second is from when I was in the Atlanta Journal Constitution from voting []this past year. I'd had a JE [] all about this with a link no less.
  • I still resent the constipated comment :)
  • what anyone says. We are a damned good looking bunch! It is great to put faces with the posts.

    Thanks FK for all of your hard work! Kiss that baby of for all of us. :) She has a very good dad.

  • That was fun. Let's do it again next year. This time I'll try tricking you all with a picture of Batgirl. Oh wait... damn.
  • A few ladies here other than KioraDervis are going to suddenly find themselves with a bunch of new friends.

    Oddly enough I'd seen pictures of a couple of you before but didn't realize how ultra hot you were until I saw your photo-con submissions.

    (and don't worry girls, even if you weren't one of the ones all us horny guys were drooling over, you are all still way hotter than I am)
  • But then again, that's why I put that particular photo in there!
  • All I can say is... KoriaDesevis, I have a feeling you are about to get an enormous amount of fans by the end of the day.

    As if I'd be that shallow.
    (Well, okay, I just friend her)
    • Well, how many people are gonna friend her just because? ;)

      For all you know...
    • Yeah, but you have me friended, too. Does that mean you think I'm sexy [], too? ;)

      • I don't remember friending you, but it must have been before the fotokon. Usually I friend people who either:
        A) Have interesting stuff to say, and since I often browse at +2 or +3 and don't want to miss their posts, I give them the friend bonus
        B) Have intersting journals. Slashdot has a way of listing recent JEs by people on your friend list.

        You could have been friended for either reason. I don't unfriend people unless I've reached my 200 relationships limit and want to friend someone else - then I ago
  • Thank you FK, it was a lot of fun for us, and I'm sure a lot of work for you. As they say, you are a gentleman and a scholar. :-)

    • Yes indeed. Thank you Fortknox! It's always good to see those we talk with. It's been much work for you and I certainly appreciate your efforts.

      • Hear, hear! Thank you very much.

        I am glad that my friends look so much better than my freaks!

        And, to the person with the velcro watchband fetish: I'm sorry if I offended you by wishing you are female.

  • I'm male. That link is to my blog on my friend's page. I first used this ID in Asheron's Call, but have since altered it.
  • That's not what you look like.
  • Don't, like, you know... put the nicks on the pictures page for our convenience... so we don't, like, have to flip back and forth between two pages, or anything.

    Thanks for hosting the thing!
  • if some people wouldn't've said outright who they had met face to face. Was still an interesting experience, and FK earned some dap for the footwork.

    I can go back to my friend Andy and tell him he's done an excellent job posing for the /. photo contest, meeting up in Baltimore and DC and convincing everyone else out there that he's me.
  • ...for setting up and hosting the contest, snarky AC comments and whining about standards notwithstanding. Much fun was had by all. And there was much rejoicining. (yaaaaaay)



  • The kid isn't rented. She is in fact mine, but it's quite obvious, fortunately, that she gets her looks from her mom.

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