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Journal FortKnox's Journal: James Bond #6.... Clive Owens? 14

Looks like Mr.Owens is the Media favorite for the job and has officially screentested for the role.
British tabloids are claiming he will be officially named the next Bond this week.
There are some pushing for the nip/tuck star Julian McMahon. He is in the running (has publically admitted to it), but he's an Aussie... last Aussie Bond didn't get that good of a reception, and only had one film (that'd be Mr.Lazenby). There is also discussion of MGM just pulling out the big bucks and taking care of the situation by throwing as much money as they possibly can at Pierce Brosnan.

All the (popular) possibilities are here.

My opinion? Brosnan is a hell of a Bond. I think Owens will be a great Bond. As long as names like Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, and every other 'big name' stay out of the picture, I'd be happy.

I'm rooting for Pierce or Clive, myself...
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James Bond #6.... Clive Owens?

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  • Am I the only one who thought FortKnox was saying that #6 in the fotocon was going to be the next James Bond?
  • That makes sense considering the rumors surrounding Owen Wilson [] possibly being offered the role. Someone probably leaked that "Owen" would get it, but didn't say which Owen.
  • I accept all of the Bonds except for Lazenby. I watch their films and instantly accept that they are James Bond. Yet I try to imagine any of the actors being considered as Bond and I can't do it. Even though Brosnan looks different from Dalton, I can only imagine an actor who looks like them being #6. I suppose whoever they choose will convince me when I actually see him in action.
  • There are two Bond franchises, one is UA the other is MGM. UA has Pierce for a while, but he's said he's out of there. But he's said he might be the MGM Bond...

    MGM's last Bond flick was "Never say Never", No?

    If that is true the running for UA Bond (a bigger fish) seems to be Jude Law, and Hugh Grant. Of which I think Hugh Grant is a strong candidate for being an early Connery type Bond (Dr. No and Goldfinger).
    • Lazenby was 86'ed by Broccoli & Saltzman, 'cos he thought he was the hot stuff new Bond, and acted like a big-shot in negotiating for "Diamonds are Forever". B&S thought he was acting like a twat, and figured they could re-hire Connery at that kind of money - they did. And they made sure that Lazenby got a shitty reputation: "You'll never work in this town again!" He didn't.

      Roger Moore was "The Saint", which must've caught the producers' eyes. He filled in after Connery did his bit. Him and Dal

      • Funny enough, I like Templar better than Bond. My favorite episode was the one where he was challenged to rob a dinner with a bunch of wealthy people, including he chief of police.

        So he winds up making a circus act of it, the rich people find it so quaint to be robbed, and Templar assures them the proceeds will go to an orphanage. They happily hand over their jewelry and stop the Chief from arresting him.

        That was probably the pinnacle Templar, but the old black and white episodes where he had to protect s
        • I used to be really into this stuf. Heck, I even read Kingsly Amis's "The James Bond Companion" - which shows a certain fortitude!

          Drake in Dangerman/Secret Agent was great! All the situations he was sent into were really screwed and ambiguous. He was a perfect lead-in for McGoohan to do The Prisoner.

          I remember your Saint episode. Pretty good stuff. I always liked spotting the recurring charater actors that would turn up here and in the Avengers. Donald Sutherland did a lot of U.K. TV, and turns up i

  • My boy Clive has much better things to do with his life. Like my mans Eric Bana as the Hulk: it gets in the way of his legacy. Clive has demonstrated abilities beyond A) standing there and B) looking pretty. He has a tortured aspect, played on in such things as Second Sight, I'll Sleep when I'm Dead, Sin City. Bond has a slight misery at his edges. But they'd never capture that (it'd be something a Frankenheimer or Fuller could do) and just make another schlock fest. No. The world is far to interest
    • Tarantino has expressed interest. I wonder if Brocoli would give it to him?

      I hope not.

      Bond: "The names Bond. James mutha fucken Bond, bitch"

      Villian: "Betta check yoself Meesta Bond, 'for you wreck yoself"

      Taratino (on directing the movie) I tried to give Bond and edge, tried to update the series to the new millenium. It's what I do. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  • I just read a SciFi article [] about this today, which I guess they got from Variety.
    • Variety contains a roundup of rumors and assertions about who may or may not assume the mantle of James Bond in MGM's next 007 film. Complicating the issue is the impending takeover of MGM by Sony, which will end MGM's run as an independent studio, the trade paper reported.

      Among the rumors and reports Variety related:

      • The Bond franchise-controlling Broccoli clan has patched things up with Pierce Brosnan and were

Surprise due today. Also the rent.