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Journal FortKnox's Journal: FotoKon3: When should we end it? 25

When should the end be? I'm thinking friday... making it a full week. I'll post a JE around Wednesday when everyone can put their guesses (or you can put'm in JEs). This would be the time to actually put your 'I know exactly who it is but I'm not telling' answers too. Then on Friday morning, I'll post the 'big list' of everyone.

Any suggestions/objections?
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FotoKon3: When should we end it?

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  • How about some freakin' clues?
  • This pix have been up for a long time now; folks got the list of names Friday. It shouldn't take longer than Wednesday for people to be ready to admit that they're totally fucking lost, and to PLEASE for the love of all that is holy just END it already!!

    Friday would be like keeping the feeding tube in, dude.

    • Re:Earlier (Score:2, Insightful)

      by HokieSeas ( 560745 ) *
      Friday would be like keeping the feeding tube in, dude.

      There we go. First use that I have seen that the term "keeping the feeding tube in" has been used to imply mercy killing.

      Actually, now that baseball season has started, I can't wait for a starting pitcher to be getting his ass kicked early in the game and for an announcer to make the comment, "he's done for, pull his tube and bring in the reliever".

      Sick, twisted, but delightfully funny.

    • Unfortunately, we haven't had many people guessing anyway I think simply because the sheer number of people participating, coupled with the fact there are a bunch of people in there that people probably haven't friended (yet), so they might not know who they are.

      Let's end it by Wednesday. I just want the freakin' list. :-)

      • Well, the first photo contest had under 30 people. Next time, I will break it up into groups of 25. Maybe less. That will probably help.
        • What didn't help was the lamo's who didn't do nothing cool or hint-worthy with their pictures, or even worse, they used the same damn pics from last time. Slacktards, and their rampant asshattery.

          A bum-haberdasher?
      • Actually, I think the problem was the comment format. (No offense, FK -- and let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the effort you've put into this. It's a great event)

        Even with only 25 entrants, the 2-minute posting rule would make it impractical have parallel threads for each entrant. Plus, it's just not the way people think about these things. People don't have a thought specific to one photo but they think "so-and-so must be A or B or C and so-and-so must be C or D or E, and so and
        • Yup. That's why I didn't understand the whole "Contestant #X" format. It just doesn't make sense, and it took a FUCK of a lot of time & effort to get set up that way!!

          For a big group of people like this, there has to be a different way of doing it. If we put our heads together, we could come up with something great.

          Still, Josh, thanks for everything you've put into this! It's such a great community-builder!

    • it's only Monday and I'll admit to being lost when the first set of pics came up :-P

      Friday would be like keeping the feeding tube in, dude.

      Brilliant! *grin*

    • I agree with this post!!! WED-NES-DAY!
      I vote for Blue!
    • Not much happening in the contest JE. I'd say post a JE for guesses tonight, and the answers some time Wednesday - assuming the guesses JE plays out by then. But most JEs only have an active life of a day or two, so that seems like it would work well.
    • All we need is duct tape to end it. It works wonders.

      How was bath time?
      • Hot, wet, and very, very naked. Girl-on-girl-on-girl action!!

        • You know... If I wasn't a well experience man, I would totally take this the wrong way. But since I've been around the block more than a few time, I can see the innocence in your foot..err.. I mean eye.
    • My only problem with this is that I have been out of town and without internet access since Thursday of last week. I have just begun!!! Grrr.

      Okay, I can handle Wednesday I suppose but that means spending late nights toiling over the list. ;)

    • Hmm... maybe YOUR pictures have been up for a long time now. But there are a good number of photos that only made it up on the site as of last Thursday. I think Friday is fair. Then even the "stragglers" get a week of being viewed.
  • Just tell us who the grrls are. That's all we care about. Even the grrls are like, Who's that Grrl?

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