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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Wow.... Customer Service 101? 32

Further proof of why some of the slashdot team would get annihilated in the 'real world' job market:

Taco states, from this article:
Update For for the dupe. Not going well. Appreciate all the hate mail. Really encourages improvement.

We indirectly line your wallet (being the audience that clicks the links on the ads), so yell at us. Maturity + Customer Service all in one!

Wonder if Hemos will even care?
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Wow.... Customer Service 101?

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  • You must be ne--


    What was that for!?!?!?
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I liked this comment []...

    Actually, what struck me about that story was how few "Dupe! DUPE! Taco, you moron, it's a dupe!" comments there were. Usually they comprise 80 of the first 100 posts, and this is a pretty distinct and recently-posted story. I'm surprised Rob picked this one to complain.

    • Maybe people decided to email him instead?
    • Dupes, by virtue of their duplication, often contain very much more high-quality comments than their original articles. A bunch of regular readers usually summarize or paraphrase the essential points of the highest rated posts in the original. I believe Taco and the other editors have noticed this pheonomenon, and that explains their attitude towards dupes.
      • Dupe stories are good for karma whoring as well. On one occasion, i posted a comment copied verbatim from a previous story. As a reply to someone (jokingly) calling people to earn easy karma by copying comments from the original story. In the opening paragraph of my comment, i explicitly stated that i am accepting his challenge and that my post is a copy of another person's post. Yet, i still got modded up to +4 or +5.
  • by grub ( 11606 )
    I've reported several dupes before they go live (I subscribe... go ahead, make fun) and have only seen a few pulled beforehand.
    • If the dupe stories still get a lot of comments and views, then they certainly have a financial incentive not to pull them.

      When dupes are just as active as regular stories, the editors don't have to bother finding a new story to put up.

      • Honestly, I don't get why people freak out so much about dupes. The number of stories that are misleading or downright wrong strikes me as a more important issue, but what do dupes cost?
        • Well I can find factually incorrect and manipulative content in virtually any news site anywhere, but most don't have problems with dupes. I agree that Slashdot articles are often less trustworthy than blogs written by barnyard animals, but dupes seem to be exclusive to /.
          • I agree that Slashdot articles are often less trustworthy than blogs written by barnyard animals....

            Hey - lay off the barnyard animals - their blogs are usually pretty damn accurate.

            Except for the sheep.

            Sheep lie.

        • I'm sorry, your post is far too mature of a take on the situation.

          90% of DUPE complainers are like that SNL computer guy- all elitist (I mean 31337157!!!!111eleventyone1) and this is their chance to SHINE by pointing out the flaws of a place that they choose to come to.

        • If Slashdot didn't offer a means to deal with dups - if subscribers were not offered a means by which to report problems with a story - then people would lose a great deal of their motivation to bitch.

          However, the fact that it is possible to report dups before they "go live", and that people do so, and STILL the dups hit the main page, just serves to underscore how little the Slashdot management cares to improve things.

          They would be better served to remove the reporting link as it does not seem to have an
  • but how's unread coming along, and the foto contest?

    /blinder scurries under desk -- lobbing crumpled pieces of paper at josh

  • And you're still here. That's at least one positive. :-)

    But you're right about their general attitude.
  • if this is completely related, but I have found myself more interested in the little community of people around slashdot then most anything else found here.

    The front page? Bah. I am not really into coding, or getting that technically involved with my computers, which make up most of the users and articles. I use computers, I can maintain them, but I am a civil engineer. I work with concrete, steel, water, pipes, sewage, lakes, rain, etc. Anything that pops up on the front page that actually interests me,
    • I'm a hardcore computer nerd and the front page is marginally interesting. I generally just read the blurb, grab the main topic, like "X did Y", and continue on my way. I'll read the comments if the topic is of interest, laugh at the trolls and the clueless, and carry on. I'll read the story only if I think it's really neat, so maybe one a day tops. I don't post much to the front page anymore. To me the front page is just a news accumulator; I can find one of those anywhere. Half the stories I find interest
    • This post was the first time in a few days that I actually looked at the front page. I used to just read the linked articles, but now I don't even do that anymore.

      I find the stuff going on in the journals way more fun. Just turn on notifications and then sit back and enjoy a more interesting environment.

  • WTF is a "For for"? Any relation to a "two-two"?

    (my guess - the duping is a congenital condition)

    • hey now... cut some slack. That was just a typo in the Update to a duplicate article.

      That or else an incitefull and witty way to include a "dupe" in the announcement about how this was a dupe. Recursive dupe?

  • We indirectly line your wallet

    Not really. Let's review slashdot history:

    When slashdot was acquired by Andover [], (1) Taco got millions, (2) Taco and Hemos were guaranteed that they would remain as editors and have "complete and total creative control."

    So he really has absolutely no financial incentive to do anything other than whatever he feels like.

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