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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Photo Contest Day Extension 23

Sorry folks. I know you are waiting for me to post all the names and get the contest started, but I'll need a good couple hours to integrate all the new pics in, add in new pics for people already in (I won't be doing that next contest, fyi), and so on. I just got home because I got my loan money earlier than expected and picked up my all new Grand Caravan SXT. Sweet minivan, and the sto-and-go pretty much kicks all ass (hey, I can't look like a badass in a minivan, so I gotta plug the features) ;-)

So, get your pics in by tomorrow if you want in. I know of a certain someone who wanted their pics included, but removed after the contest is over... yet I never got pics in the first place... get'm in!!
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Photo Contest Day Extension

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  • My wife Lynda wants ME to get a... (shut up b1inder) Ford Mustang GT!!!!

    We're discussing.
    • Oh dear lord you bastard. I want one. They are so sweet, and PRACTICAL too! Like, when you put it in first in slightly drizzly weather and you spin out. ;)
    • yay for silly horsey cars!!!

      hehehe... not everyone is ready for a chick's car like mine (right george?)
    • Just tell her you bought it and it's in the shop. That's where it'd be if you actually did buy one. An old roommate of mine bought one and replaced every major component of it during the year he lived there. Every month it was the same thing, "I'll be a little late with the rent again." and hand me an invoice from the mechanic for several hundred dollars showing what all they replaced this time.
  • about it, take your time, we'll just be ... here .. waiting,..for you . to . finish. GIVE US THE CONTEST!!!!
  • sto-and-go? Is that so you can put the kids in the minivan quicker?

    Or is it to make robbing banks easier? ... maybe I need a minivan.
  • Hubby has been pushing for a few years now that I "need" a minivan. Like hell, I say. I absolutely refuse. To counter his arguments (and make him consider how lucky he is that I drive the wagon now), I tell him my next car is going to be a VW Beetle! :-) Which, actually, I'd like to have, but I realize probably wouldn't be the most practical thing to cart a couple of full-size car seats around in.

    Nice thing about having a car that only holds 4 -- when the in-laws are in town we always have to take two car
    • Oh god. *vomit* Bless your sanity. Too bad they stopped manufacturing the Beetle. Maybe they'll start up again by the time kiddo is big enough for the front seat.

      I've known so many people who, upon having a second kid, "had" to get their very first minivan. And I think they were proud of this. Two kids fit just fine in the back of a regular ole car. Hell, my sister didn't even have a four-door vehicle for her kids' younger years, though her kids are far enough apart that she didn't have two car seat
      • Two kids fit just fine in the back of a regular ole car.

        Two words: Long trips. If you have to drive for a vacation longer than 3 days, you run outta cargo space REALLY fast (and that means no stroller, no pack-n-play for the little one to sleep in, etc...).

        Granted, I have been living without a two door and have two kids, but my biggest beef is that there isn't room for the dog if we take a trip to my parents house (isn't worth the cost to board her). Plus they are just great vehicles for long trips.
        • Ah, you see, this is one of the bennies of attachment parenting. Baby wearing means no stroller-- just a nice little carrier [] that folds up into a little bag about the size of a Dopp kit. No need for a Pack & Play -- the baby sleeps in whatever bed we're in. Even if there aren't extra pillows available, there's always a way to improvise. No need for formula, bottles, anything like that. Just Momma, some diapers & wipes (which are available for purchase everywhere, so no need to worry about packing a
          • I was talking about the new one, but I was mistaken. I thought they stopped producing the new Beetles a couple of years ago. I remember my mom being upset about it (she wanted one), but it looks like they still make it, as it's on the VW website.

            And nothing beats the alphabet game for road trips. I still play it in my head when I'm driving. (It pays to live by a Zoo. :^)

            My sister also takes the dog on some vacations. For the past couple of years, they've fit a preteen, a teenager, and a large mutt (a
            • Ah, I see. That makes sense, then. Hubby's a big VW aficionado, so I knew that the Bug is still in production.

              Good road trip game for beginning readers -- go through the alphabet & come up with a word that starts with each letter. Or have them guess the letter when you make the sound. You just can't play these games too many times -- and they're SUCH good practice for the kids!!

            • They actually did stop production of the New Beetle on paper a few years back. VW got such a response, however, that they never actually did stop making them. People wanted the new bugs and it'd have been silly for VW to not give the masses what they wanted. So it never actually left production.

              So you were right, they did plan to pull it from production. And I can't tell one model year of bug from the next either, so it's understandable to think they had stopped if you only heard they were going to stop.

  • Hmm, yes I also would like to have my pic removed after the contest, if that is possible? Not that it matters but this google image search is really too creapy for me..


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