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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Whole Bunches of Thingies 9

Instead of writing fifty more journal entries, I'm gonna sum up everything into one big journal entry.

Does anyone know if any manufacturer makes water-proof cordless phones with caller ID? My wife is a bath-a-holic, and this weekend has (for the SECOND time) dropped our $100+ cordless phone into the water, rendering it useless. I like to buy nice cordless phones that don't interfere with the baby monitor and have caller ID and other wiz-bangs, but I'm not spending this kinda cash if they keep getting dropped into water and dying.

I'm done whining about slashdot's system. Changes are made on Taco's whim, without asking about the consequences (or telling us the change after its been implemented). For such an open community, I find this "security through obscurity" hypocritical, and I always will. If slashdot fails (as in loses all its readers), this will be the reason. But, that's the last thing I'm bringing to everyone's attention. Sure I may say something here and there in a response to a post, but I'm done putting it in my journal.

What's up with the "tacohell" section in slashdot (look to your left hand margin, in the 'sections' box). In case it gets removed, here's the link. It says the last day it was modified was Aug24, so I don't have a clue as to how long it was there, or what the story is...

Is there any way to determine stats on journals? Like the top 10 read, the top 10 by fanbase, the bottom 10, etc...? I'd be interesting to see, and be a good place to pick up some more 'friends' to read.
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Whole Bunches of Thingies

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  • how about just getting a cheap $5-$10 corded phone and installing it in that room? Preferably one where the keypad is on the base, not the headset. This way it's only a small amount lost if that gets dropped in the water again, plus you can them buy that $100 phone with every bell and whistle and never worry about it getting dropped in the water.
    • I don't want a wire reaching through to the tub. I'd have to go through a room and a hallway to get there. Plus, once joey is crawling, I'd have to put it under the carpet, and childproof it (which won't be easy).
  • It says the last day it was modified was Aug24, so I don't have a clue as to how long it was there, or what the story is...

    I've always hated the lack of year info. Somtimes I'll google find some old /. article (yeah, you know the ones, without links to CNN having dates, or just with broken links) and it's hard to place just when the heck that happened. If the FP's would post the year in there, I'd be modding them up as informative - not really informative to those reading around the time of the post, but it's great for posterity.

    As for your idea about journal popularity, I think I had made some suggestions in a post a while ago about this. I'll try to see if I can fine the post or remember what the meandering brain thought up back then, not to say "see, I done thunk it first" but to create more of a discussion about our little dream world version's of what /. might become.
    • This is a function of your user preferences. Go into the Homepage section and choose a date format with years included. Quite frankly, I think we could add in a few more data formats. The choices we have seem kinda small.
      • Wow... thank you. Maybe it's the fact that I was at work for 21 hours yesterday (and back in after 3 hours of rest) but I'm happy as a clam.

        What other sorts of formats would you want? I can think of a few, but I am unsure of their usefulness. Like just having "Monday" without other info might be ok for a casual user, and maybe something funky that puts "st" after "21," but that's just fluff that no useful information beyond the actual date.

        But thanks again for setting me straight in my ways.
  • section tacohell has disappeared from the left-side bar.

    the link given above can still be followed to it. A description in case that disappears next: the same thing as the front page of slashdot, only without slashboxes on the right side of the browser. instead you get whitespace.

    i suspect that the tacohell section might have some correllation to CmdrTaco's latest journal [slashdot.org], though i doubt it.
  • Is she talking on the phone in the tub, or just answering calls? If she's only answering calls, I say make it a '900' number, and you'll pay for all kinds of phones;)

    You could get a bungie or something. Glue one end to wall. Glue other end to phone. Cut bungie to length so that at full extension, it doesn't hit the water. You'd probably need some sort of detach mechanism on it so that you could put it on the charger/base stand.

  • Buy her a wireless headset with the buttons on the base. I would think it would be a lot harder for it to fall off her head than to slip from her soapy hands. :-)
  • TacoHell is kinda deprecated. It was Rob's "private journal" before Journals were in Slash. Every once in a while, he'd post something weird (or personal...or both!) in it just for shits, grins, giggles and laughs.

    Of course, now everyone can have their own TacoHell, so it's largely a deprecated section, and hasn't been updated in years IIRC.

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