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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Again... WTF Josh?!?! 11

Sweet hell have I been unlucky. I started hearing noises in my server Thursday night. Knowing there was only a few things on there I treasured, I didn't think much of it. All the pics on there exist elsewhere, though the aliases file was kinda important, as it has the forwards to my entire family in it. So eventually I make a local copy 'just in case'.

It wasn't until Friday morning that I realize that I copied over all the contest photos and had setup all the html on the server. And it was too late, then. Xerxes crapped up and I couldn't get past the bios screen before he died.

Luckily, I had my dad's old 500MHz box sitting around. Unfortunately, his case was one of those that requires brackets for CD Roms and such. So I end up gutting the entire server box, gutting my father's old machine, trashing the old server motherboard and HDD, combining the memory and putting in the best peripherals of the two machines. Finally, after all that work, is alive and working surprisingly fast for a 500MHz linux server. Its setup with the latest 9.2 version of SuSE (which is working GREAT, FYI). So now I must reconstruct the files. Also, if you emailed me your pic between thursday night and late saturday, I may have not gotten it (the ones I got after I got email back online was aridhol, dead sun, baldass_newbie, and subgeek. themusicgod1 was the only pic I got on thursday... except a couple that were sent to other email accounts[1]).

Anywho, give me some time. What I'll do is setup the pics in a directory for you to peruse until I setup the HTML the way I had it before (may just have a script do it instead of doing it by hand...). Thanks for your patience...

Oh, and one last thing. Our neighborhood dragon asked to see the old contest photos after this one is complete. I lost mine in the server crash, so if you had a mirror, email me so I can rip it and put it back. But DO NOT MAKE THE MIRRORS AVAILABLE PUBLICLY! I don't want anyone to cheat for the latest contest :-P

[1] Some of you are TERRIBLE at taking directions :-P
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Again... WTF Josh?!?!

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  • Do you not have mine then? I sent them a week ago Friday I guess.
  • Directions? Who needs directions? I never read directions. They get in the way of the artist in me. Especially when I am building something like a BBQ Grill or a desk or ....

    Apparently you were up to the challenge and found the pictures anyway. Wasn't that more fun? ;)

    • Especially when I am building something like a BBQ Grill...

      LOL! I immediately think of the Simpsons where Homer tries to make a backyard BBQ Pit and ends up screwing it up (but it becomes a 'work of angry art'). One of the better episodes :D
  • I sent it to two email addys because a.) I had them and b.) I know you have shitty hardware that's unreliable.

    Now you can go and get all bitter at me for factoring in your "I can't afford good shit because I've got a new baby", but that's no excuse when you can get a 939 pin AMD64 for under $400 with 1/2 Gig of DDR RAM at TigerDirect [] (that's a no kickback link, btw).

    Now I know you'd love to recompile your kernel for 64 bit optimization [].
    Come on, admit it.
    • hot DAMN that's a sweet looking case, too....

      Wow... I wish I had the extra cash... that'd kick some serious ass. Better and faster than my current winXP box (which is my gaming box, so it's pretty f-in hefty). Sure, I've got a gig of ram, but tying that 64 up to 1GB wouldn't be tough.... nice find.
      • Here's [] the rig I got. Quite nice for the price.

        Been testing xp64 as well. That's been very nice, too.

        The case is not as slick and I had to grab 1/2 gig of RAM, but when you can get a gig at $100 [], it's tough to pass up.

        I'm just fighting the urge to go RAID. ;-)
        • American prices make me weep :-((( I've only got a socket 754, slower CPU, for that price and no case either (but I had a nice looking exclusive case)
  • SuSE released a RC cut of 9.3 Friday. Works great - picked up almost everything out of the box on a t42p thinkpad! Not that you should hork about with your server at this point in time... (grin)

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