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Journal FortKnox's Journal: How do you start a discussion with an editor? 15

I'd really like to sit down with the editors of the site and discuss the whole limiting the amount of posts of users, but how?

You'd think for a major issue like this, they'd create a frontpage article about it.

But they didn't. Taco didn't even write about it in his journal.

I've noticed the past few weeks that slashdot's speed has diminished. Did VA cut some of the bandwidth so that slashdot could be more profitable (if it is profitable)/Cost less? And Taco did this to help keep slashdot speedy?

I really hate being in the dark about all this... The big question is how do you sit them down? I wish I knew if they read someone's journal, or taco opened up comments in his journal, or something...
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How do you start a discussion with an editor?

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  • You're trying to look behind the curtain. Pay no attention to that little man. Das ist verboten! Being open: do as we say, not as we do.

  • /. is not a democracy. It does practice censorship. The editors are fine with the situation as it is.

    I think that your best chance is to catch Taco on a day in which he is reponding to posts on hidden discussion. He seems pretty willing to reply on those occasions. I don't know how effective emailing him is. I have tried several times from various accounts. Even used my IBM account and never got a response.

    The problem with your particular issue is that the editors are going to assume/know that you are complaining because you have a -1 account and you want to use it more than twice in 24 hours. They are not sympathetic to such people. Even if you insist that you merely want the trolls to be heard I think that you are going to have a difficult time.

  • Back when the massive modslap occurred I lost all moderation rights, even though I only posted in(didn't moderate) The Thread. You remember The Thread, right?

    I've never trolled or moderated badly to my knowledge, yet I've been $rtbl'd. Trying to ask the editors to change this has been a useless excersise in futility.

    Basically the only thing that has ever seemed to get their attention has been to create a massively popular thread. Of course its been negative attention, but you could tell it at least gets them antsy.

  • in this User Created Discussion [], though it seems to be "done" now. You post at 2, I think - reply to one of Taco's most recent comments, he might reply. though if you see sllort's note posted as AC, you might find youself ip banned for doing so - read his journal for more.

    Or just create a bunch of +1 accounts, whore them up a bit, and then crapflood with your complaint :-)

  • You'd think for a major issue like this, they'd create a frontpage article about it..But they didn't. Taco didn't even write about it in his journal...I really hate being in the dark about all this...

    For a site that is so obsessed with "open" and which is always ridiculing "security through obscurity", Slashdot has operated under a tremendous amount of secrecy, especialy since the second wave of new editors (Michael, Jamie, Cliff) came aboard.

    And, as any Slashbot would have told you in any different context, it doesn't work. The trolls spend their lives posting, reading, trying to break things and studying the code and they know everything that changes. The rest of us, the ones who make the site, post and moderate into a black box.

    The one that really irritated me (I couldn't care less if troll accounts have their posts limited) was when the system was flooded with mod points for over a week. There was extensive coverage on Geekizoid, and the only official comment was a -1 from Michael to the effect of, "There's an unknown bug and we've fixed it." It's really stupid that you have to get your updates on Slashdot issues and policy changes from the troll sites.

  • The answer is simular to the answer you would get to the question: "How do I start a discussion with a rock?" The answer is: "You don't." Taco and pals DONT have to listen and they don't.
  • # vi /etc/system
    Goset hme:hme_adv_autoneg_cap=0[esc]:wq!

    Really, i think i've given up hope of ever influencing /. in any way. I don't post much anymore, and, quite honestly, i feel it below me to get into the childish squabbles which more and more populate the front page.

    I mainly just read the headlines, then read your journal.

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