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Journal FortKnox's Journal: WTF Josh?!?!?! 23

Sorry, folks. I know you have been patiently waiting for me to start posting pictures. I had a big meeting yesterday and had a lot to prep for it, so that killed all the weekend and monday. While at the meeting yesterday evening I got hit with a flare... hard. I felt it coming on after having Thai for lunch (wasn't a bright idea, but I had a friend who needed to talk and he picked the place). Almost killed myself (multiple times) trying to get home.

This afternoon, however, I am out of bed, so I am feeling a bit better (not getting dizzy when I stand up), so I will work on getting all the pics up when the kids take their naps. Now that I think of it... it may not have been a flare, but just food poisoning... which is a real shame, cause I -love- that thai place :-(

Thanks for being patient. And, for the record, there are already TONS of pictures sent in. Lots of rarely posting or lurkers, so it'll be tough.
And I got the best picture I've ever recieved in any of the photo contests. Its funny, pokes fun at a couple people (including this person, him/herself) which makes it even funnier. If you know the person, and can identify the person by the picture, I'm sure you'll agree. I'll give the 'formal' award when the game is over, but this one made me spew rootbeer all over my monitor when I saw it. Really a good one :-D
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WTF Josh?!?!?!

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  • Not the flare/food poisoning. I read a few years back that food poisoning is more common than people realize, and that many flu-like illnesses are actually from bad food.

    I meant both the big response, and the participation by lurkers and infrequent posters. That should make it a lot more fun. As long as one is not on a dialup connection, anyway. :-)
    • I would agree with this. I had a friend who was...hmm...not officialyl a doctor but not a nurse, she was somewhere in between, private home care specialist or something. Like mentioned above, she told me that there were alot of things floating around that were dismissed as flu or other cold type symptoms but were actually either food poisoning or undiagnosed food allergies.

      Which also reminds me of going through some old medical records of mine and finding out my birth doctor thought I was allergic to bana
  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    pokes fun at a couple people (including this person, him/herself)
    We have a hermaphrodite on Slashdot? Wow. Hey Mr./Ms. hermaphrodite friend, you're cool with us! Don't worry bout a thing! :)
    • Ahh, he must have been talking about me. I've been mistaken for a female person on several occasions (none of which, fortunately, were that kind of mistakes).

      *double clicks 'Post Anonymously'*

  • This weekend. One more that I want taken (tomorrow) before I send them.
  • I have less than no time. Perchance I'll try to do it this sunday...

    but if anyone has pics of me from FK Photo contests of old, please submit them on my behalf. I'm the pretty one ;)
  • I already wondered that it took so long. Hey, better take care of your health first. The photocontest isn't high priority. I'm impatient to see them. Mine are probably a bit dull, but that's the way it is.
  • I'll get my pic in by saturday, it's been a hectic work week, and I havn't really fely like touching a computer once at home.
  • this weekend, or sooner
  • Hope you got mine...didn't get a reply so I'm hoping that was normal procedure and not that your spam filter had eaten it!
  • so how much does each JPG weigh? :-)
    • jpeg? I sent him a life-sized image of myself, etched in stone. I sent it in a custom-made bubble-wrap envelope, via air mail. It took an awful lot of postage stamps, too -- there was hardly enough space on the envelope for the address!
  • if not before this weekend, sometime saturday.

    i love thai food.

    sorry about your sub-optimal dining experience. glad you're feeling better.
    • I have endeavored to completely forget what you and Ye Olde Smooche look like to make the contest more interesting. I hope you do the same.

      Or else.

      I would like to take this opportunity to deny that I have sent in any pictures whatsoever.



      PS: Josh, get well soon. Having just had stomach flu not long ago...well, I sympathize. And now you have my curiosity piqued as to who the +5 Photo of Root Beer Ejection is from.

  • Seriously. I had a (sort of similar?) experience that has not been explained away and now I'm curious.

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