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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Are Journals a Solution? 6

Several issues exist in my mind. Unfair moderation, removal of -1, moderating in journals, etc...

I think a simple solution exists. Anything added/moderated in a journal does NOT affect your UID.

For example, if I get moderated "troll" on a comment in my article, it doesn't affect my karma at all, just my score on the article in the journal.
Also, if I post at -1, I can make countless posts within journals (not the now 'normal' 3 posts per day).

The only problem editors would have with this, is that journals would start getting more comments that front page slashdot stories...

I'm sure it won't get implemented, but its a good idea, IMHO.
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Are Journals a Solution?

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  • I could see if you didn't want everyone posting at -1 to your journal. Maybe you wanted to keep the comments on topic because you wanted some feedback. So I say give control to the journal author. Allow me to set the -1 limit for users, if I want to allow ACs to post, or if I want some of the other filters to apply. And yes, moderation in journals shouldn't apply to Karma. I know people that moderate journal entries just to screw other people over.
  • You just moved to K5. It just works better. It's very rare I read comments on SlashDot anymore - I come only for the headlines for the most part (and even then, only seldom).
    • There are three reasons why I don't move to K5
      • 1.) It takes twice as long to get articles posted there
      • 2.) The crowd is FAR more uppity and cynical
      • 3.) It you aren't part of the community already, and your grammar skills aren't perfect, you aren't welcome.

      I've experienced all three through a few different accounts. I pop into K5 to read the articles from time to time, but I rarely post anymore.
      • Hrm.

        1: Whats this new limiting posts per day thing?
        2: Why not make journals isolated islands of moderation? Meaning, people can see who's journals have the most content, and then you get more hits to your own personal little /...
        3: I just noticed that about K5. Maybe Taco & Rusty need to get together and have a little kuro5dot, that doesnt suck and has none of the cynical assholes or trolls..

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