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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Photo Contest 3 Questions 43

OK, I was dumb and didn't explain what this is all about for the new people.

Basically, you send me a pic of yourself + your slashdot user id. I post up a buncha pictures (and all the aliases but in random order) and you try to guess who is who. Its a fun way to see the people behind the screen, so to speak.

Its been a ton of fun and most people that avoid playing usually regret it (seriously, I've had at least a half dozen people tell me they wished they played). Don't worry, we are all geeks and 99% of us look that way, so don't get embarassed or anything!

Anywho, the biggest question for the 3rd photo contest:
Should we do it like the first contest? Basically, I'll put all the pics up on an html page, you guys guess in comments in the journal.
Or should we do it like the second contest, where there is a program and you guess inside the website.

Obviously point one had a lot more community feel and some good conversations, but people guess easier and use other peoples answers when in doubt (especially people's answers that have played in the first two contests and have an idea of who is who).

Anyhow, you decide, and I'll get it started in a day or two!
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Slashdot Photo Contest 3 Questions

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