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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Another Photo Contest? 30

glh has suggested that enough people have transitioned (old people gone, new people in), that it may be time for another photo contest.

I'm willing to do another, but there is a problem. Before I was kinda the person who had a bagillion fans and most everyone else in the circle's fans where also my fans. So it was a piece of cake to start a photo contest.

Well, those 'people that left' were fans of mine and those 'new people in' aren't... so if you guys want another photo contest, I'll need help with the new pillars of the community (I think solemndragon may be the biggest ATM). I need you guys to be willing to write a JE and link the new contest JE I post and turn off comments. Is that cool with everyone? WOuld it be easier just to post it to another person's journal?? So are you up for photo contest III???
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Another Photo Contest?

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  • What are we taking pictures of? I missed the last one.
    • Ourselves, I believe. I forgot the URL to the old one, otherwise I'd show you all the funny people.
      • Linky [].

        And I think it won't be a problem to have everybody else link to it, and FortKnox (since he has webspace) actually host the thing.
        • Woohooo count me in. Just a few more faces to add to the local child molesters and jehova's witnesses "Don't let these people in" photo poster next to the front door. Perhaps a running list of people who are participating can be kept somewhere, so we don't guess names of people who don't have pics up, or does that ruin the fun?
  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    I'm witcha dere FK baby. I wasn't here for the last one! I'll advertise FWIW. I probably have a similar friend/fans list as you though.
  • I'm in, though i'd say get johndii, smoochybear, and blinder in on the act. Also somewoman and rdewald.

    Anyway, the answer is yes, and everybody now knows what i look like because of the whole haircut thing. *sigh* and i will still guess fortknox and ethelred on a repeated, and semi-random, basis.
  • I missed the last one (well, semi-avoided the last one) but I'm game this time around I guess. Get some rules posted and a form thingy up and I'll play.

    I'll even post a pointer in my journal if you'd like [1], though I'm unsure how many people off your friends list read it. For that matter I'm unsure how many people read my journal in the first place.

    [1] Ha, made you look.

    • For that matter I'm unsure how many people read my journal in the first place.

      What is this, a poll or something? :7 (This least about five or so)

      • More of an inquisition. ;)

        Nah, it's just that I only have bounds on the number based on the number of people that post to my journal plus probably some fans and bored people. It's just that the number of people beyond the people that post could be big or small and I'd never know.

        I'm guilty of the same, I read some people's journals randomly without friending them and don't read some friend's journals and post sporadically pretty much in a circle that generally only goes out to friends of friends. It'd be in

        • I do know that at least some people read my journal (hey, that's why i write this stuff here: i want it to be read. It's kind of like a testbed to my thoughts), but i generally try to avoid thinking about how many of them there might be. Because if i knew the real number, i would probably be too shy to write anything (i really don't consider the things i write that good and i'm not that much of an exhibitionist*).

          * I'd like to use this opportunity to publicly state that i have never ever worn a trenchcoat,

  • Didn't have a digi-pic last time to share, do now. Count me in.
  • I've changed appearance slightly, though those I've met IRL would have no trouble recognizing me. Perhaps some kind of less clear photo...

    I think that the comment-deactivated JEs from several of us are the way to go, and Sol's list is a good one.
  • ...but I'm always willing to shock some newcomers with it ;-))
    Not that I will have much time for participation in the guessing part. :-(
  • I'll advertise it. I may even let Joe try to take a new picture of me. Everyone has already seen the old one. (I don't show up in many pictures. Probably because I don't have anyone to take photos of me:)

    • (I don't show up in many pictures. Probably because I don't have anyone to take photos of me:)

      So I take it the vampire thing is just a rumor then?
      • Do you have any idea how much blood you need to drink to maintain 300 lbs? Vampires: Fat People Need Not Apply.

        • Could you just drink fat people's blood?
        • Do you have any idea how much blood you need to drink to maintain 300 lbs? Vampires: Fat People Need Not Apply.

          Hmm ... actually given the few photos of you that do exsist I think sasquatch or yeti is more likely than vampire.

          Lets see ...
          Big ... check.
          Hairy ... check.
          Camera shy ... check.

          Yep definite possiblity.
          • I actually got a haircut yesterday. I was hoping to follow Sol's lead and donate to charity, but I've got my fingers crossed for job interviews soon.

            Another new haircutter person. Like all newbies, they start shaving the hairs on the back of the neck. And they pull back the collar to get that last little bit. And it keeps going. One time, I pulled up a pantleg, pointed at the back of my ankle and said "That's where it stops".
  • Just make sure you don't use the hideous web interface that was there for Photo Contest II. The first one was great, with people adding comments to your journal. The second one a) had a hopeless (and slow) interface, and b) lacked the sense of community that came from the ensuing discussions and guesses.
  • Just make it clear what you want me to do and when you want me to do it.
  • I can dig it, yo.
  • just point me in the right direction.
  • You know how to get in touch with me if you need web space, etc... though I think everyone here already knows what I look like!

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