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Comment Re:So he's a politician (Score 1) 670

2) It may surprise many, but steroids are quite legal also. Unethical, perhaps, but legal.

Umm in most places they are illegal*. For example in Hawaii (which is part of the 9th circuit, which is the same on as mentioned in this article.) steroids are considered a 'harmful drug' and possession of any amount is a misdemeanor.

*: Assuming you mean 'real' steroids and not those used for asthma and so forth. Also there is a huge cat-and-mouse game with law-makers and steroid-makers, law-makers ban substance X, steroid makers tweak it slightly so it does the same thing, but it has a slightly different chemical structure, so law markers ban that one, and so forth. But the law-markers bannings take a long time to do, so any one substance might be legal for a while.

Comment Re:A suggestion (Score 1) 632

That's more or less it. That of course combined with a massive ego so the guy probably believes that nobody could really disagree with him, so if it seems like a lot of people they all must be the same moron. Of course this admin didn't bother telling me I was being investigated either. The investigation was closed after two weeks with the option to reopen for lack of evidence. So I'm still partially presumed guilty.

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