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Comment Language Problems? (Score 1) 141

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." I'm not entirely sure anyone here knows what "endemic" means. "Endemic" is not newsworthy, unless we've been searching and searching for where these vishing attacks come from. "Pandemic" might be newsworthy. Or "epidemic" might be newsworthy. "Endemic" not so much.

Comment Re:But what if the do ban laptop batteries? (Score 1) 560

So is every other business

I don't think so. MS had about $40 billion (with a "b") in the bank prior to the recession. Doesn't seem like they're operating on razor thin margins to me.

Maybe they should wisely spend their security budget, and stop wasting money for things/policies that don't actually make anyone safer.

So what do you propose they do instead?

Here's what I imagine part of the problem is: If the airline industry didn't do anything to increase security measures as observed, they'd be damned by the public. They'd be doubly damned if another 9/11-like attack or hijacking occurred. So, they come up with ridiculous policies to make it appear as though they're doing something that's genuinely protecting the public at large.

Ultimately, there really isn't anything that can be done. 9/11 showed that a well-organized, well-planned attack can be performed regardless of the security measures in place. Anyone determined enough could doubtlessly circumvent the draconian policies we have for air travel now. The difference? It looks like they're actually doing something.

I might also remind you that no one was expecting an attack of the magnitude we saw on Sept. 11th.

Comment Re:It does not go too far (Score 1) 584

I understand the "cancel out" argument. I don't understand how anyone would use this as an excuse not to do something to improve safety, such as putting a seat belt on. Just wearing a seat belt won't make me less likely to get in a wreck, but it will protect me significantly if I do. Statistically speaking, IF I do have an accident (regardless if I'm driving faster because I feel safer or not) I will suffer less bodily damage if I'm wearing a seat than if I'm not. Your analysis looks at the probability of an accident happening and correlation to seat belt use, where my analysis looks at the effectiveness when there IS an accident.

Comment Re:Quantitative trading? (Score 1) 783

parasite on the working world

Please explain.

I don't mean parasite as an emotive term, I mean it as a practical assessment of that profession.

The kind of investment banking that involves quants takes money out of stock exchanges without contributing anything. They are gaming the system and don't contribute even the smallest thing back.

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